1Sambayan to launch USA chapter August 11, 2021


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NEW YORK – 1Sambayan will launch online its chapter in the U.S. on Wednesday, August 11, hosted by Ginger Leopoldo and Giselle Toengi. 1Sambayan USA aims to gather and organize a broad coalition of forces united in opposition to the incumbent Duterte government to usher in a competent, trustworthy administration in the May 2022 national elections in the Philippines. In a news release, the organizers said they intend to field a unified slate of national candidates besides achieving to:

  • unite all democratic forces to field a single opposition slate for President, Vice-President, and 12 Senators in the 2022 national elections;
  • promote a democratic program of government that rejects authoritarian rule;
  • uphold the Philippine Constitution, the rule of law, and fundamental human rights;
  • restore good governance and public accountability; and
  • good citizenship and love of country.

1Sambayan encourages everyone to attend the launch by registering/clicking on this link: https://bit.ly/1samlaunch

The launch is in response to President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncement that he is running for the vice-presidency and with Sara Duterte, his daughter and current mayor of Davao City, who announced her openness to run for the presidency.

“It is very crucial for Filipinos of all sectors, both in the Philippines and abroad, to unite against the continuation of the Duterte regime, a regime that has abused its power for far too long,” 1Sambayan said.

During the orientation for volunteers on July 7, 2021, calls for the protection of national sovereignty from foreign powers were made, especially with Duterte’s troubling kowtowing to Chinese interests in the region. Atty. Howard “Howie” Calleja also answered the attendees’ questions, providing a clearer picture of 1Sambayan’s calls and unities. He also reiterated the importance of the U.S. chapter of 1Sambayan in registering kababayans for absentee voting, calling out the difficulties of the registration process, protecting overseas’ vote, among others.

“Filipinos in the U.S. are coming together to end the Duterte regime and prevent a Duterte-Duterte dynasty come 2022 Philippine elections. There is a lot at stake in this coming elections for the present and future of our homeland. That is why we are calling on our kababayans to get organized and get registered to vote. We have a tyrant to vote out!” said Yves Nibungco, National Coordinator of 1Sambayan USA Chapter.

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Roberto M Reyes /AKA Bobby M. Reyes August 11, 2021 - 5:38 am

Part XIII of the “ReVOTElution of H.O.P.E.” was published just after midnight in New York City. It was already August 11, 2021. Pls read it and you will get to know how the “ReVOTElution” will be done by the youthful voters of the Philippines. Pls read: https://www.philippinedailymirror.com/young-voters-can-save-the-filipino-nation-by-flexing-social-media-skills/ Thank you. Hope to meet you all in your Zoom meeting today at 1700H, PST.


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