Wit, Humor, Innuendo, and Satires Are the “Unarmed People’s Weapons” Against Dictators

by Bobby Reyes

Photo by Roseanna Smith on Unsplash

Part XX: The Ukraine Crisis

This columnist agrees with Simon Wiesenthal, who made a study on humor as “the weapon of unarmed people.” In his book, The Sound of Polish Laughter, Alan Levy added that “Polish humor, like Jewish humor, is the humor of a wounded people. It helps people who are oppressed to smile at the situation that pains them.”

The belief this writer shares with Wiesenthal and Levy has been bolstered by Aly Mahmoud, who wrote: “. . . Once again, confronted with troublesome issues, the Egyptians have responded with a crop of jokes. They have traditionally coped with problems big and small with bitter jokes, the little man’s defense against overbearing rulers and great events beyond his control . . .” (This narrative is reproduced from this journalist’s 1993 political novel “One Day in the Life of a Filipino Sonovabitch,” as published by the Asiangeles Publishing of Los Angeles, CA, which is now an out-of-print collectors’ item. The SOB featured on the book’s front cover was Filipino Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr.)

Plans are afoot to publish new political novels about the American and Russian SOBs. Both forthcoming books will share a stock photo of the “Trumputinski Duo.” The book projects are mentioned in the -Filipino Nation of Storytellers” Facebook Group.

But like any other trained journalist, this columnist improvised additions to Mr. Wiesenthal’s “study of humor.” This writer suggests it become broader in scope. Perhaps “Wit, Humor, Innuendo, and Satires (WHIS)” can become the “Unarmed-and-Wounded People’s Weapons” against dictators and demented despots and demagogues. Yes, it should become the people’s WHISes (sic) upon, and against, the Trumputinski “stars” and their state-sponsored stupid actors doing extra-judicial killings, sadism, and scornful conduct.

“And that Mr. Putin allegedly wants to revive the Czarist Empire and become the first new czar. But he may be known in history as the “Czardinas,” after the Filipino term for “sardines.””

Several Filipino writers, journalists, and book authors formed decades ago an unofficial “Philippine-American Society of Pundits, Humorists, and Wags” (PASPHaW). Its members came up with some funny monikers about Mr. Putin. Yes, just as they did coin funny monikers against Donald J. Trump, whom they called the “COVIDiot-45,” the “Moronski President,” and other humorous aliases.

For instance, the PASPHaW members came up with a new first name for Mr. Putin, “Bloodymore.

And that Mr. Putin allegedly wants to revive the Czarist Empire and become the first new czar. But he may be known in history as the Czardinas,” after the Filipino term for “sardines.”

Also, they suggest that they punish the Russian war criminals and human-rights violators by sending them to a new version of the “GULAG.” But it will be known as the “Gulay Farm.” The Filipino term for a vegetable is “gulay.” Yes, the war criminals will become members of a “prison chain gang” that will plant and cultivate vegetables and other root crops in veggie farms staffed by Russian prisoners of war. Even in winter, the “Gulay” inmates can still be planting veggies in greenhouses.

The PASPHaW members also dub Mr. Putin’s mercenaries from Syria the “Syrial Killers.”

What more will the “WHIS Kids” think of next?

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