A “Biden B2B Doctrine” Can Reinvent the “BBB” and the Advent-Season (and year-round) Meals

by Bobby Reyes

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Part XXVII of the “EDEN America” Series

After ending the Afghan War successfully (with minor hitches), President Biden can use the federal funds saved (from the bloody Afghan conflict) for “Back-to-Basics (B2B)” projects. Such as reinventing — as the primary stakeholder — the “Green Revolution” (to produce more food worldwide). And, or building state-of-the-art medical centers in 50 strategic locations (to combat the current-and-coming pandemics, aside from having affordable therapeutic medicines and vaccines). And funding projects to address climate change (like investing in the proposed Mississippi-River projects, as discussed in this series).
This column posted on Christmas Eve-2020 an “unsolicited advice” to then-President-elect Joe Biden. It was entitled, How A Biden Doctrine Can “Reinvent” Poor Christian Countries’ Christmas-Season Meals. This columnist suggested in it how a “Biden B2B Doctrine” could end not only the pandemic but also poverty and famine in many countries of the world. To reread it, please click this link.

Regarding the military conflict in Afghanistan, the war efforts cost American taxpayers 300-million greenbacks per day. The whiz kids and mathematicians made the cost estimate of Forbes.com. To read how the war efforts cost in 20 years more-than two-trillion dollars (and counting, as “big bills are yet to come”), please go to this site.

Three predecessors of President Biden were not able (or unwilling) to end the American involvement of the United States in the Afghan War. It took really a lot of guts for Mr. Biden to decide what was best for the country and save the American taxpayers trillions more of useless expenditures for a “No-Win” war.

“Just imagine a $300-million federal government investment in the Mississippi River’s “New Age of Renaissance” projects that can pump in as equity per week. It will just be the equivalent of one day’s expenditure in Afghanistan.”

This column encourages President Biden to declare the start of a new “world war” against the pandemic, poverty, global warming, and other ills of the civilized world in his 2022 State of the Union address next month. Funding for the Afghan War merited bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress. He can, therefore, appeal for approval and funding. Yes, financing in the form of investment capital, instead of billions of dollars every year (given gratis et amore as U.S. economic and military aid to more than 100 countries). There may probably be a universal cry for support from both aisles of congresspersons and senators.

Just imagine a $300-million federal government investment in the Mississippi River’s “New Age of Renaissance” projects that can pump in as equity per week. It will just be the equivalent of one day’s expenditure in Afghanistan. And since it will be an outright investment in the socioeconomic ventures (and not a dole-out of a cost) in more than 30 states, including many Native-American Indian nations, the legislative branch of the U.S. government may look at this “Renaissance” idea favorably.

And perhaps American history may eventually describe the Biden Administration as the “Renaissance Presidency.”

In fact, by the next episode of this column on Wednesday, December 29th, we will argue that even President Biden’s proposed “Build Back Better” (BBB) plan, a community-supported “Public-Private Partnership” (PPP) can finance it. And do it without increasing the federal-debt limits. How’s that for an encore?

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Roberto Reyes December 25, 2021 - 12:10 pm

Here is a comment posted in the “Tennessee Democrats and National Issues” Facebook Group and the replies of this writer: Joy Duke posted:
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Bobby M. Reyes replied as the
Thank you for your opinion, Ms. Joy Duke. Perhaps you ought to read the series from the very start. The message comes clearly and without any doubt. The bottom line is to partly clean the enormous amounts of water from the Mississippi River and all its tributaries and pump it — through new pipelines that will be constructed — to the many aquifers of the United States (from the Great Plains to the Western States) that are drying up. Right now the river water just flows to the Gulf of Mexico — while many American cities do not have potable drinking water and also for their irrigation needs and for fighting forest-and-residential fires. If a national effort is launched by the Biden Administration, then it will have so-many downstream projects (the details of which are enumerated in the series) that will lead to an “Economic Renaissance”). President Biden does not have to read all the 28 parts of the series (and counting). He has only to instruct his Economic Team members to read them and give him a short Executive Summary.
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Bobby M. Reyes replied further:

(Con’t.) In our proposals, your beloved State of Tennessee will have the lead role of organizing a consortium of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) that will fund the BBB proposal of President Biden. You will be able to read its Part 28 this Wednesday, Dec. 29th. It is entitled, “Build Back Best (BBB) Through PPP.” And it will not incur any additional borrowing by the federal government, which ultimately our descendants will have to pay in their lifetimes. Yes, like my three great-grandchildren who are all barely 3-years old. Unless you don’t have any descendant that will be carrying the burden of trillions of new borrowings …
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Bobby M. Reyes ends his reply with a reminder:

P.S. According to Internet guidelines, posting anything in CAPITAL LETTERS is equivalent to shouting at the person reading it. And at age 75, I am not yet deaf.


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