A “New Frontier for the Youth” Can Create Millions of Young Millionaires

by Bobby Reyes

| Photo by Autthaporn Pradidpong on Unsplash

Part XV of the “ReVOTElution of H.O.P.E.” Series

I have been asked many times by young Filipinos, OFWs, and Overseas Filipinos the common question: “What’s in it for me (or my group or cooperative)?” My reply has been constant: If you do the “ReVOTElution,” millions of you will become multi-millionaires, peso-wise, and a few thousands of the Filipino nouveau-riche youth in American greenbacks.”

So far, Filipino traditional politicians (aka “Trapos”) have only enriched themselves, their closest kin, and cronies for nearly 75-years. Nobody else — not even their neighborhoods and places of worship — had benefited from their “generosity,” which is only for window-dressing appearance.

This column in three series so far (and counting) has discussed how the common people (masses) could elevate themselves from the ranks of the poor to the upper-middle class (at least according to Philippine financial standards). The bottom line of most of the articles (so far published) is how to make “Filipinos look good, feel good and proud of their positive contributions to North America and the world.”

For purposes of this article, this means that a Filipino becomes a millionaire in pesos if they have a net worth of at least US$25,000 (or PHpesos 1.20-million at the rate of one greenback to 48 pesos). What if tens of millions of Filipinos have a net worth of several million pesos per family — as a result of the ideas presented in this column? The Philippines could, by 2047 or earlier then become the richest country in the Far East (on a per-capita basis).

“What if tens of millions of Filipinos have a net worth of several million pesos per family — as a result of the ideas presented in this column? The Philippines could, by 2047 or earlier then become the richest country in the Far East (on a per-capita basis).”

How does a new government elected in May 2022 initiate the turning of the Filipino World (both domestic and overseas (i.e., “Filipino Melting Pot”) into a land of affluence with very few social problems? Many of the social ills can be mitigated or completely eradicated by social engineering and safety nets. And the economy can be turned by the young workers (read, voters) into a “Cooperative (Co-op) Capitalism” from the present “Crony Capitalism” in 25-years or less (2022-2047).

  • Employ in North America, Europe, and other countries millions of young professionals — from the medical field to the engineering/construction world and the IT industry. This column discussed on July 21, 2021, the topic of Fielding Abroad 3-Million Filipino Nurses from 2024-to-2030 (And Millions More of OFWs) and mentioned that many of the nurses would be earning an average per worker of $75K to more than $100K per year — at this link.
    • Filipino medical professionals can team up with their North-American colleagues in reviving the “Medical Center” established in the City of Manila in the early 1900s and expanding it to 49 other countries. This means that the project will set up the medical infrastructures of many Third-World countries and open more work opportunities also to security personnel and engineering brigades. Please read this report Funding Biden B2B Doctrine’s Medical Centers to Fight Pandemics (Part VI) published on Jan. 31, 2021, at this link.
  • Help Mexico become the fifth-biggest economy in the world and for the Philippines to become the conduit for the exports and imports from/to North America to/from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This can lead to more millions of skilled workers in North America, as explained in these articles:
    • Pueblo Filipino, BAMOS Wall Can Showcase the FOOD Initiative at this link.
    • BAMOS A Ver for the U.S.-Mexican Border at this link
    • The Pueblo Filipino Venture Should Push “Poolarization” and Plant DNA at this link.

Space limitations will not allow in this Part XV how the “ReVOTElution” will raise the incomes of farmers and fishermen. Also, how reforestation will solve the homelessness problems of Metro Manila and other big cities in the Philippines and provide livelihood opportunities to the citizens relocated back to their home province or region of choice. These ideas, plus a discussion on the income potential, will be discussed in the next part of the series this Sunday. The Filipino youth — as organized as the “New Frontier” — will provide manufacturing and distribution assistance — via the cooperative way — the masses involved in the said agricultural ventures.

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Roberto M Reyes /AKA Bobby M. Reyes August 18, 2021 - 7:26 pm

In spite of the discussions in this column about empowering socioeconomically and politically the young voters of the Philippines and pointing to them also their financial “rewards” for supporting and voting for the slates of the “ReVOTElution of H.O.P.E.,” the youth will remain indifferent, then nothing else will. This means that the Philippines is beyond redemption. Then no amount of explanation will suffice for the youth. It is a pity because the young voters constitute some 65% of the voting population.

Roberto M Reyes /AKA Bobby M. Reyes August 18, 2021 - 11:48 pm

Datu Rudy ND Dianalan, my co-founder of the “OFW/Overseas-Filipino Nation” Facebook Group, and I have been discussing the fact that soon about a million OFWs will lose their jobs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, we have been working to secure millions of jobs for OFWs, young Filipino medical professionals and other skilled workers in North America. You can read part of the series about helping our Filipino youth land permanent good-paying jobs in North America, Europe and other developed countries in this link: https://www.philippinedailymirror.com/a-new-frontier-for-the-youth-can-create-millions-of-young-millionaires/


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