AAF, Census Bureau provide updates of 2020 Census

by Jay Domingo

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NEW YORK – Filipinos ranked 4th or at par with New York City (NYC) average of 59.5% response rate as of Sept. 14 in the census, according to an Asian American Foundation (AAF) data analysis. AAF reported that self-response rate for Asian communities in New York City grew to an overall rate to 3.9%.

At the top of the list of ethnic groups responding to the Census are Koreans registering 65.4%, an improvement from previous month of 60.2% or 5.2% increase in response rate. This is followed by the ethnic groups such as the Pakistanis at 62.2% growth as opposed to last month’s 56.5% and Chinese at 59.8’s . Both the Bangladeshi and India groups ranked below the NYC average at 59.0% and 55.2%, respectively. However, Asians overall have surpassed the citywide average 60.6%.

AAF said the overall improvement was a result of a Nonresponse Follow-up (NRFU) field operation which the Census launched Aug. 11. The need for an effective NFRU operation was required due to constraints related to the COVID-19 pandemic and to a change of Census Bureau’s deadline for field data collection which was moved up one month to Sept. 30 instead of Oct. 30.

Census takers were sent to households which have not yet responded including over 40% of New York City households. AAF used the data from 2020 Census Website in its analysis.

Source: Census Bureau

Majority of Asian tracts across the city have an average response rate of 60.6%, above the city average of 59.5%. However, this is much lower than the 65.8% nationwide. From August 14 to September 14, majority Asian tracts grew 5.4% response rate while the city average grew 3.90%,

Response rates for ethnic groups were calculated by averaging response rates in tracts where each group makes up 20% or more of the population. AAF also estimated a weighted average self-response rate for all census tracts with majority Asian populations for the city and the three boroughs. For the Bronx, Staten Island and Nassau County, AAF highlighted census tracts with the highest percentages of Asian residents.

Source: Census Bureau

Meanwhile, as of Sept. 22, Census Bureau reported over 95% of housing units have been accounted for in the 2020 Census with 28.6% counted by Census takers and other field data collection operations, and 66.2% of housing units responding online, by phone or by email.

With regard to Census housing unit data collection progress by state, the Census Bureau has enumerated New York with 96.7%, 33.5% (enumerated in Nonresponse Followup [NRFU] and 66.2% (self-responded.) New Jersey recorded 96.9% (enumerated), 28.2% (NRFU) and 68.6% (self-enumerated). Overall, the US total account for 96.2% (enumerated), 30.0% (NRFU) and 66.2% (self-responded).

The Census Bureau provide a daily update of states that have been enumerated here. So far, the top five states are West Virginia at 99.9%, Idaho, 99.8%; Hawaii, 99.6%; Maine, 99.3%; and Vermont, 99.0%.

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