APAICS calls for #StopAsianHate Day of Action and Day of Healing on March 26


Image via APAICS

NEW YORK – The Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) has called upon Asian Pacific Americans for a #Stop AsianHate Day of Action and Day of Healing on Friday, March 26, through social media.

APAICS said, “the Asian American community has been targets of verbal harassment, shunning, physical assault, or being coughed/spat on. They have been refused service or discriminated in the workplace due to misconceptions and misinformation about the spread of the virus.” However, unwarranted behavior and incidents did not only start this COVID-19 pandemic but have persisted long before.

APAICS traced it that after Congress enacted the Naturalization Act of 1790 on March 26, 1790, over 200 years ago, the Asian community continue to be discriminated against and still bear to suffer from the effects of racism. That law prohibited non-white people from becoming citizens of the United States, APAICS said.

Between March and December of 2020, Stop AAPI Hate received 2,808 self-reported racism and discrimination incidents against Asian Americans. In 2021, major news media outlets across New York and California have reported stabbing and death cases. Last week, 6 Asian women died from a racially-motivated killing spree in Atlanta, Georgia.

Included in these cases is that of Filipino Americans Noel Quintana, 61, of New York, randomly slashed in the face while on a subway train; Juanito Falcon, 74, of Phoenix, Arizona, randomly punched at the beginning that knocked him to the ground, where he hit his head on the pavement and died.

Noel Quintana | Image via APAICS
Juanito Falcon | Image via Phoenix Police Department

In San Francisco, investigators allege that Chinese Filipino Danilo Yu Chang, 64, suffered injuries that nearly left him blind after a man punched him multiple times in the head. According to police, Yu Chang was walking along Market Street when a suspect snuck up to the victim and hit him repeatedly. He fell to the ground motionless and rushed to the hospital.

Danilo Yu Chang | Image via Dion Lim

“This is why, on March 26, 2021,” APAICS has enjoined everyone for a Virtual Day of Action and Healing to #StopAsianHate through social media. “Ending this horrific spike in hate incidents starts with people like you speaking about this growing problem.”

To participate in the Day of Action, APAICS has prepared a toolkit (excerpt below) to reference individuals, organizations, and allied groups to #StopAsianHate. Click on the toolkit hyper-link for more information, such as details of facts and action items shown below. You may also visit the APAICS website.

To participate:

  • 1. Save the Date for March 26th.
  • 2. Post on Social Media using the hashtag #StopAsianHate.
  • a. Don’t know what to say? Sample tweets can be found in our messaging section, and more guidelines on what to say can be found in our Themes and Asian American Sensitive Approaches section.
  • b Facts and information about Asian American history and current context can be found here.
  • 3. Add an Image. Using images can help your tweet get more traction and will help spread our message. Graphics can be found here.
  • 4. Uplift and Educate your friends and followers by sharing articles about anti-Asian racism. See our reading list here.
  • 5. Take Action. Check out the Actions You Can Take section to #StopAsianHate after the day of action. (With Jay Domingo, PDM Staff Writer)

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