Apple set to preview new iPhone software next week

by Kobakila News

Apple will be holding an event next Tuesday, March 17 to preview new software version 3.0 for the iPhone at its corporate campus in Cupertino, California.

An email invitation on Thursday that it will provide a “sneak peek” at the iPhone 3.0 software, along with information about the new software kit that third-party vendors use to create applications for the device.

Apple promised a substitute for full iPhone app multitasking—dubbed “push notification”—that never materialized, so hopefully the engineers in Cupertino have developed a new (and better) solution for the 3.0 update.

What costumer wants in the new iPhone OS 3.0?

Adobe Flash

Flash support to the iPhone is being played since long. Let’s hope that Apple finally manages to bring the support with due help and development assistance from Adobe.

MMS Support

Another much-requested feature is the Multimedia Message Service support, since the iPhone is already capable of sending multimedia.

Cut – Paste

Haven’t many of you cribbed and ranted about having no cut-paste support on the iPhone ever since the first-generation iPhone was launched? It’s about time that Apple provided iPhone and iPod Touch owners with this feature. Otherwise, they might always be on the look out for an option through jailbreak.


Despite the fact that the new iPhone 3G has Bluetooth working on a limited number of headsets, let them open up the Bluetooth profile to developers and allow the hooking of the iPhone and iPod Touch to Bluetooth car kits.

Background Process

Support for running more than one application at a time. Basically, a multitasking feature that will, however, stress out the CPU of the iPhone, which is capable of running up to 620MHz. On iPod Touch, game developers would be able to make more graphics-heavy games to put the current CPUs clocked at 532MHz to good use.

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