Juan L. Mercado is a columnist for Philippine Daily Inquirer and Cebu Daily News. He writes a Sunday column for Sun-Star Cebu and its syndicated members, Bohol Chronicle and other community papers. He started his career in journalism in early 1950s and served as correspondent for foreign publications including London’s Financial Times and Honolulu-Star Bulletin. Mercado became the Philippine Press Institute’s founding-director. He also edited DEPTHNews, published by the Magsaysay Award-winning Press Foundation of Asia. Following the “People Power Uprising,” and after 19 years of United Nations service, Mercado returned to the Philippines to resume journalism work. He was cited for excellence in opinion writing by Society of Publishers in Asia. In 2005 and 2007, he received the “best columnist award” from the Catholic Archdiocesan Commission for Mass Media.

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May, 2016December, 2015
  • Hanging Up A Star

    CEBU CITY—Finally we found the Christmas parol, or star lanterns, in our cluttered storeroom, and du ...

June, 2015
  • Replay Buttons

    Late in May, the Catholic Church beatified the martyred Bishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador. Will sim ...

May, 2015
  • An Asian Francis?

    “(AS) FATHER of all, I cannot be wrapped in a political flag” of (my) native Argentina, Pope Francis ...

April, 2015January, 2015
  • Writing ‘-30-‘

    “You’re a fool,” our fellow journalist snapped at us. “Don’t you realize that there are thousands sc ...

December, 2014
  • Nitwits’ Ride

    (On Dec. 28, 2013, we wrote this article for Viewpoint. Today, we reprint to emphasize the fact that ...

  • Christmas Favorites

    All of us have favorite Christmas articles. “In the year of his Lord” has been republished by The Wa ...

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