Biden elected 46th President of the US; Trump refused to concede; FilAms offer differing views about the election outcome

by Ricky Rillera

President-elect Joe Biden, right, on stage with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, left, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. | Photo courtesy of

NEW YORK — After four tense days of vote-counting, the state of Pennsylvania gave former Vice President Joe Biden the 20 electoral votes to get over the top of the 270 he needed to become the 46th president of the United States. The Associated Press declared him the victor in his native Pennsylvania at 11:25 a.m.

Jubilant celebrations erupted in cities across the US, with supporters singing and dancing on the streets waving flags upon hearing Pennsylvania’s outcome even though balloting from Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia were still ongoing. According to a news report, the president-elect did not know he had won until his granddaughter informed him. The unofficial electoral vote results have 279 for Biden against President Trump’s 214. State officials will still have to certify the votes until Safe Harbor Day — December 8.

Election 2020 provided history-making moments of sorts:

• Biden’s victory came 48 years to the day after first elected to the US Senate
• Biden received more than 74 million votes, the highest record any president had received
• Biden, who turns 78 later this month, is the oldest president-elect
• Biden is the first president-elect after three attempts
• Biden will be the second Catholic to attain the presidency
• Kamala Harris is the first woman vice-president-elect
• Kamala Harris is the first woman of color and Asian Pacific Island-descent
• President Trump is only the third elected President since World War II to lose re-election, and the first in more than a quarter-century

Trump’s early lead fizzled

With ballots still being counted in several states, Biden led Trump in the popular vote by more than four million votes. Meanwhile, Trump’s support from white voters and his popularity in rural areas put him on early track, leading ahead of Biden in early balloting but fizzled as the days waned in favor of Biden. In a statement, the president on Saturday, said “this election is far from over” and vowed to lodge legal action against swing states he was losing count. At the White House Wednesday night, while the nation waited for the results, he declared he had won and accused Democrats of stealing votes from him but offered no details.

At a drive-in rally in Wilmington, Delaware, on Saturday night president-elect Biden claimed the presidency. He called on Americans — both sides of the political spectrum — “to unite, to heal, to come together as a nation,” as he quoted from the Book of Ecclesiastes.

“Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end here and now,” he said. “We have the opportunity to defeat despair.” He mentioned his experience of defeat in his political career and how he overcame it. In dealing with the coronavirus, he announced he would be appointing a medical expert team to find ways to mitigate its spread, rising as previously predicted. “I will spare no effort, or any commitment, to turn around the pandemic,” the president-elect Biden said.

Differing views

The Philippine Daily Mirror has obtained the reaction of FilAms from New York and other states across the US, including Canada.

(Left to Right): Sergs Estrada, Paul Versoza, Alex Omana, and Freddie Ondevilla | Photo PDM File

Sergs Estrada (Jackson Heights, NY): “I’m ecstatic about getting rid of the orange menace. I’m happy with my adopted country. Jail him and all his cohorts who enabled him. I’ll be glad when I don’t hear Donald’s constant whining anymore. He never deserved that exalted office which he debased and demeaned and treated with utter contempt! God speed President-elect Joe Biden!”

Paul Versoza (Union, NJ): “The Dems worked for four days to reverse the election results. The worst election in American history. The mail-in ballot served its purpose and opened the gates to massive fraud. I believe Biden’s moral authority is down.”

Alex Omana (Seattle, WA): “I am relieved and incredibly pleased that the Biden/Harris ticket won. It’s time to return decency, civility, respect, and compassion to our government’s leadership. It is time to start uniting these divided states of America. “it’s going to be difficult, but Biden/Harris team is competent and will serve the best interest of ALL Americans.”

Freddie Ondevilla (Suffield, CT): “Should I change the connotation to massive injustice to our president in this election? It used to be sacred and honest election. I’m one of the silent majority who supported President Trump. To me, he is the perfect role to fix our corrupt and dishonest liberal group of politicians. I was shocked at what they did to our election process! I hope it is not permanent. I was watching the Fox News on Tuesday night until early Wednesday morning. The vote-counting was close until they decided to stop counting votes for Trump in PA, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. I wonder why! Was it because Trump was leading these States? I never imagined that America could do this injustice to President Trump. Is this the start of a new nation that only caters to one side?”

Lorii Abela | Photo PDM File

Lorii Abela (Chicago, IL) What a great relief! Never have I expected I would be witnessing another historical moment such as today. It feels almost like that time when the people ousted Marcos out of the Philippines. Good riddance! Let the new administration begin.

Pat Gimarino (Rockland, NY): “Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden. I hope and pray that his administration will be able to help keep America strong, united as a nation under God, uphold the fundamental tenets of the US Constitution, guarantee the fundamental unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and cherished American freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, due process of law, etc. I also pray that he will be faithful to his pledge to be a President for all Americans and not just for Democrats and that he will fulfill all campaign promises and not just be mere lip service. God bless America.”

Pat Gimarino
| Photo PDM File

Freddie Villatuya (El Dorado Hills, CA): “As many news outlets have now confirmed, Joe Biden has become President-Elect of the United States of America. He won the popular vote by an immense number of ballots by any president in our country’s history, with around 75 million votes. It is just the beginning, though. The person to get the second highest is President Trump at 70 million, yet he will likely lose this election. It shows there’s still a lot of work to be done to heal the divide within our great nation. Whether you voted for Joe Biden or Trump, it was the biggest turnout for any presidential election in recent history. It is something to be proud of and what our democracy is all about. Let’s all work together and try to be more understanding and compassionate towards our neighbors.”

(Left to Right) Freddie Villatuya, Lily Cueva, and Dean Suba | Photo PDM File

Dean Suba (New York, NY): “Congratulations to President-elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr. And Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. America has spoken. However, the country remains divided because both have more than 70 million votes. It’s time to heal the nation. I hope that the Biden/ Harris administration will address the COVID-19 pandemic more seriously as they had promised during their campaigns. Also, that they will start on day 1 to come up with the short and long term plans to bring back the lost jobs, bring in new jobs, and get the economy going again, and finally get both the Senate and Congress to pass the Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the pathway to citizenship of the Dreamers.

Elizabeth Cueva (Brooklyn, NY): “Another cause to celebrate is that there are more women — Democrats and Republicans elected in Congress. I am also a bit nostalgic for President Donald Trump, who worked hard for the American people without accepting his salaries and made the rounds in swing states to woo voters. The coronavirus was his Achilles heel because it ruined the otherwise robust economy that his administration ushered in and was the justification for encouraging mass mail-in ballots where he ostensibly lost to Biden. But this is democracy in action, and we must accept the results, unite and heal as a nation.” (Read more on Op-Ed section. — Ed)

Ron Guevarra | Photo PDM File

Ron Guevarra (Phoenix, AZ): “I was for the candidate who is pro-life, although it was not enough to convince more people. Now that President-elect Biden is declared the winner, I am happy to learn he wants to tackle our worst enemy worldwide — the pandemic. We pray that his experts may find the answer.”

George S. Trinidad | Photo Contributed

George Trinidad (Celebration, FL): “As a private citizen whose ear is on the ground during this explosive election year, I was confident, until election day plus two, that President Trump will serve another four years. Today, I feel Joe Biden will eventually be declared the winner and become the 46th president of the United States, sad to say, simply because the odds are against the Trump team to prevail. Accordingly, I declare my peace of mind that it is time to move on and get behind the president-elect and wish him well. President Trump’s other accomplishments brought prosperity to the nation in his almost four-year term. (Read more on Op-Ed section. – Ed.)

Art Nitafan | PDM File

Art Nitafan (Mississauga, Canada) Canadians, in all honesty, are probably glad they will be dealing with a more stable government. Republicans before Trump are more free traders and, as such better to deal with on the economic side. Democrats are more nationalistic, then again, pre-Trump. We, north of the border, were always on edge dealing with Trump.”

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