Carlo Biado wins the 2024 WPA Predator World 10-Ball championship

by Jay Domingo, PDM Staff Writer

Carlo Biado holds the championship trophy. Fedor Gorst and Denis Grabe completed the podium with bronze medals. Gorst lost to Biado in the semis, while Grabe lost against Oi | Photo courtesy of Pro Billiard Series

NEW YORK—Following in the footsteps of Efren Reyes, Filipino Carlo Biado beat Japan’s Naoyuki Oi, 3-1, in a captivating final of the 2024 WPA Predator World 10-Ball Championship at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, which ran from February 29 to March 2, 2024.

“I’m overwhelmed, I’m very very happy to finally get the World 10-Ball championship, I want to thank God for this wonderful victory”, said Biado

The event featured 64 players competing for the total prize fund of $250,000, with the champion taking home $75,000.
Biado secured the prize, earning him another title to his collection. He showcased his strategic prowess and unwavering focus under pressure, cemented his legacy as a multi-pool champion, and mastered nine-ball and ten-ball disciplines.

A combination of power and finesse characterizes Biado’s playing style. He possesses a strong break shot, capable of strategically scattering the balls for tactical advantage. His cue ball control is equally impressive, allowing him to execute precise position plays and clutch clearances. His mental fortitude is another hallmark. Biado remains calm under pressure, consistently delivering calculated shots in high-stakes situations.

Since his breakthrough win in 2017, Biado has continued to dominate the sport. He narrowly missed the 2015 World Ten-ball Championship title, finishing as runner-up. However, his hunger for victory remained undimmed. In 2021, Biado added the U.S. Open Pool Championship trophy to his collection, defeating Aloysius Yapp in a thrilling final. This win solidified his place among the elite Filipino players who conquered the prestigious tournament alongside legends like Alex Pagulayan and Efren Reyes.

Biado’s dominance extends beyond the professional circuit. He has consistently excelled in the Southeast Asian Games, a multi-sport event featuring athletes from Southeast Asian nations. In 2021, he secured the gold medal in the men’s Ten-ball singles event, adding to his impressive collection of three previous gold medals, three silver medals, and two bronze medals at the Games.

While specific figures for Biado’s total career earnings are not readily available, it’s safe to say they are substantial. Major pool tournaments like the World Nine-ball and Ten-ball Championships offer significant prize money. Additionally, Biado’s success on the professional circuit likely translates to sponsorships and endorsement deals, further bolstering his income.

He has secured endorsements from prominent brands in the billiards industry, like Predator Cues. This association provides Biado with high-quality equipment and increases its brand recognition within the pool community.

Biado’s success has significantly impacted the Philippine pool scene. The Philippines has a rich pool culture, and Biado’s victories inspire aspiring players and serve as a testament to Filipino excellence on the world stage. He joins a long line of Filipino pool legends like Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante, who have captivated audiences with their artistry and skill.

Biado’s influence extends beyond the Philippines. His competitive spirit and ability to perform under pressure make him a role model for pool players worldwide. He is an ambassador for the sport, inspiring a new generation of players to take up the cue and pursue their passion for pool.

At 40 years old, Biado shows no signs of slowing down. His recent World Ten-ball Championship win demonstrates his continued dedication and hunger for success. For years, fans can expect Biado to remain a top contender in major tournaments. Whether he adds more titles to his collection or continues to inspire future generations, Carlo Biado’s legacy as a multi-pool champion and a true ambassador for the sport is undeniable.

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