Catching Up with Father Time By Doing the “Filipino Exodus”

by Bobby Reyes

Cropped screenshot of Charlton Heston as Moses from the film The Ten Commandments | Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Part XXXIII of the “Back-to-Basics Governance” Series

“There are many innovative Filipinos whose ideas and talent must be given a break. One of these is Bobby M. Reyes” — Manuel Jaylo, who posted it on April 24, 2021.

The unsolicited tribute made by Manny Jaylo, a fellow Sorsoganon, came a week before the 75th birthday of this columnist. Mr. Jaylo is a retired construction-project manager in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He promised to lead a Provincial Economic Development Administration (PEDA) had this columnist been elected the governor of Sorsogon in the May 9, 2016, election. As governor, this journalist would have moved to declare the province an “Economic Republic of Sorsogon,” as discussed previously in this column.

On the other hand, the much-celebrated Filipino historian Vicente Calibo de Jesús commented in Part XXIV of this series:
“@Bobby M. Reyes Truly a revolutionary idea from one of the PHILIPPINES’ foremost economic thinkers on self-reliance at grassroots level. If only Bobby M. Reyes’ prolific ideas were given free reign, just think how provincial energies can be unleashed towards greater economic freedom.”

Vicente Calibo de Jesús is an octogenarian historian and writer who tries his best to correct the errors of his peers and even the Philippine National Historical Commission. Yes, he has launched a decades-old crusade in battling the hoaxes of other Filipino historians about the 1521 exploits of the Spanish expedition that reached the southern islands of what is now called the Philippine archipelago.

Mr. De Jesús, Mr. Jaylo and this columnist are trying to catch up with “Father Time.” It is public knowledge that the phrase means “time personified especially as a bearded old man holding a scythe and an hourglass. Mr. De Jesús and this writer do not have any beards, but Mr. Jaylo does have one.

Tomorrow, May Day happens to be the 77th birthday of this columnist. But this journalist wrote in this column, “Life Now Begins at 80.” Because Moses, the prophet, was tasked by God — according to the Torah and the Bible — to lead his people out of Egypt, where they were slaves, and start their voyage to The Promised Land, where they would be free and socioeconomically empowered.

Perhaps with the support of Filipinos that share the passionate patriotism of Vicente Calibo de Jesús, Manuel Jaylo, and other senior citizens, we can start by Earth Day of 2024, the first pilot project for the redemption of the Filipino people and their freedom from the bondage imposed on them by The Imperial Manila and its cronies and political lords.

It is suggested that the Filipino version of the “Memorial Trees” — as done originally in Israel — be scheduled beginning Earth Day on April 22, 2024, Monday (which is also Passover), until May 12, 2024 (Mother’s Day, and Mother Nature’s Day, as well) in Sorsogon Province. “

In his April 2, 2023 column, this journalist suggested that Filipinos, aided by Overseas Filipinos, should embrace and achieve the PROMDI. It is an acronym for “Provincial ReVOTElution for Organized Municipal Development of Industries.” Curious readers may like to browse again that particular column entitled, WALTZing With Wolves And Reinventing the “PROMDI.” (Readers may type in PROMDI or Memorial Trees or Moses in this website’s Search Box to browse the column about the topics.)

Here is a partial description of a suggested reforestation project that could be done in Sorsogon as the pilot province for the PROMDI and its back-to-basics features.

It is suggested that the Filipino version of the “Memorial Trees” — as done originally in Israel — be scheduled beginning Earth Day on April 22, 2024, Monday (which is also Passover), until May 12, 2024 (Mother’s Day, and Mother Nature’s Day, as well) in Sorsogon Province. Why does it happen in this time frame? Because May 1 is not only Labor Day in the Philippines but also it was previously the Philippine National Arbor Day.

Perhaps we can also plant 100 seedlings of the Philippine national tree, the narra, every April 26 for the next 12 years in memory of the 1,200 Jewish refugees that settled in the Philippines to evade Nazi persecution in the 1930s. We must do this as modern reforestation and employ piped-in (drip) irrigation pioneered by Israeli agricultural engineers. The Sorsogon pilot Memorial-Tree project may also become a tribute to Filipino-Israeli Friendship and Diplomatic Relations.

As found in the Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, CA, this photo traces the invention of “Drip Irrigation.” It is the answer to making the deserts of Nevada and neighboring states (or other countries) very-much green. Several years ago, this journalist proposed cultivating olive trees and bamboo in Nye and Clark Counties to a former Nevada governor. He is still working on his “bright idea.”

Perennial critics may again say that it took the Israelis 40 years to accomplish their search for The Promised Land, and Moses died at age 120 without even setting foot in what is now the modern State of Israel. Aha, but Moses was wise enough to train Joshua to become his able lieutenant. Joshua picked up the reins of leadership and led the Israelite people in finally accomplishing the voyage.

This columnist published a Facebook Note, “How to Finally Turn the PH into a Real Promised Land,” on Tuesday, July 16, 2013. It also contains the links to the 2006-2008 series, Reinventing “The Manhattan Project” for RP, and it has 16 parts plus comments from readers.

In 2013, we decided to launch also this Facebook Group, FilipinoExodus/Schanctuary Chapter of the OFW/OF Nation. It has only 249 members. But at least 200 can be the Filipino equivalent of Joshua in their respective province or hometown.

Will Filipinos -in the homeland and overseas- stand up to become a back-to-basics version of Joshua?

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