Christian Fellowship House: Residence of Hypocrites & Renegades

by Rawlein G. Soberano

Also known as the C Street residence, it is involved in sex scandals, moral hypocrisy and Far Right agenda in Latin America. This secretive Christian mafia is also known as The Family or The Fellowship, founded in 1935 in opposition to FDR’s New Deal, subscribing to far-right Christian fundamentalism and free market ideology. It is officially registered as a church and the $1.1 million building is a meeting place and residence of conservative politicians from both political parties. All profess to be Christian lawmakers. They live in private rooms and pay a monthly rent of $600 and invite other lawmakers for spiritual bonding. They are not accountable to anyone but only to each other. They are not bound by morality or ethics because they are “God’s Chosen” It only applies to the average Joe & Jane and the hoi poloi.

Many are philanderers and don’t follow the Christian teachings but clamor to be the party of moral uprightness. They jeopardize American policy abroad by supporting right-wing groups in Latin America that they want to use as vassals of the United States to enrich large American corporations which are their largest political contributors. That’s the reason they are against the likes of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, Manuel Ortega of Nicaragua, Raul & Fidel Castro of Cuba, Evo Morales of Bolivia, who defy and are critical US intrusion in their internal affairs, or oppressors of their own people, e.g., Alvaro Colom of Guatemala, Alan Garcia of Peru.

Ninety-two percent of Americans have grown up on sexual affairs outside of marriage, calling it morally wrong, worse than human cloning (88%) and suicide (80%). Their sexual deviance includes paying for sex which rendered an instantaneous blow to former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s political career. Looking for love in non-traditional places, e.g., Larry Craig of ID (men’s bathroom), Mark Foley of FL (suggestive emails to male pages), Newt Gingrich of GA (enjoying his own extramarital affair while leading the charge against Bill Clinton over the Lewinsky scandal), former Sen. John Edwards of NC (having sex with another woman while his spouse is battling cancer) is not acceptable either.

”It is not what you do, but the coverage, that gets you into trouble” is a truism in politics. Many Americans separate a politician’s private life from his political duties. Technically, it should not be a surprise to hear or read about the sex escapades involving Ensign, Gov. Mark Sanford of NC and former Rep. Zack Wamp of TN. Their fast fall to infamy can be traced not precisely for their deeds but for their pretense of virtue. Ensign boasts of his membership in Promise Keepers. He called on Bill Clinton to resign; he did the same to Larry Craig.  He said he would not put himself in that position, and if he did, he would resign. All talk! He couldn’t get his story straight whether he (or his parents) gave his mistress and former aide (Cindy Hanson) a $95k severance pay or donation. He quit his leadership in the Senate but clings on to his senate seat. He talked about the right to do when it came to Clinton, but makes himself exempt from his own demands of proper and honorable conduct.

The same can be said of Gov. Sanford who told more about what he did than Ensign did. He recently left the US to meet his Argentinian mistress (Maria Belen Chapur), lying to his family & staff  he was going on a solo trek along the Appalachian Trail to clear his head while he flew to the other end of the globe to be with and relax in the arms of the all-loving embrace of his soul-mate. When he was in Congress in 1998, he voted for 3 of the 4 articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton. He underscored in Feb 1998 the importance of trust in our system of government; “without it, “it undermines everything!” His idea of integrity & forthrightness is weird and wacko. He was the Bible-thumping prig who clamored for Bill Clinton’s head. The defender of traditional marriage is pretentious when he shows no concern for his own marriage and flaunts adulterous relationships. This episode is also labeled as the case of the missing governor. He resigned as head of the governors’ association.

Chip Pickering of MS was elected to Congress in 1996, stepped down in January and works as a lobbyist for Cellular South which is owned by his lover’s family (Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd of Jackson, MS). He is listed as a member of the Washington & MS teams. He has 5 sons.  How do you figure an avowed Christian who called himself a defender of decency, particularly on TV and the Internet, who was one of the House members who urged GWB to declare 2008 “National Year of the Bible” in 2008? He lost his House seat (he has no chance of winning it back) when he did not run for reelection after the expose’ of his romps with his mistress at the C Street residence. She was the wife of Dr. Douglas Byrd; they were divorced in 2007. She gave Pickering an ultimatum that their relationship could not continue if he allegedly accepted the Senate seat vacated by Sen. Trent Lott because senators stay married if they want to continue in office.

Nobody is perfect, but it’s their holier-than-thou attitude that really appalls the American people. If you are a constituent of either one of the three, to say that you are outraged & feel betrayed is an understatement.

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