Up Close And Personal With Phil Peredo: A New Stand-Up Comedian Discovery

by Ricky Rillera


NEW JERSEY – Filipino American politician and businessman turned stand-up comedian and show producer, Phil Peredo, who was born in Jersey City, has made a tremendous leap into the entertainment world.

Since relocating to Las Vegas , the most populous city in the U.S. state of Nevada and an internationally renowned major resort  as “The Entertainment Capital of the World, “ Peredo has embraced a new life being a stand up comedian.

Peredo has performed at the Louis Anderson Theater at Palace Station, the Rio Hotel & Casino, the Bonkerz Comedy Club, the Royal Resort and the Sapphire Comedy Hour as well as other venues off the Strip including Reset at Lucky’s Lounge.

On April 9th at 7 p.m., he will bring his newfound talent to New York.  “Phil The Filipino”, his stage name, will be performing at the Gotham Comedy Club at 208 W 23rd Street in Manhattan.

“I changed my career when my wife, Stella Ruiz, left me.  Comedy was the only outlet to express my grief, frustration, anger and loss.  I am forever grateful to comedy for this,” he said.

Recently, he was interviewed by Comedian headliner Michael “Wheels” Parise’s International hit podcast “I Do Tings”.  Parise, a worldwide stand-up comedian headliner and former opening act of Andrew Dice Clay fielded questions to Peredo about his time at the White House during the Clinton administration where he served as an intern in the same class as Monica Lewinsky, his marriage with supermodel, actress, singer and Miss Philippines finalist Stella Ruiz, and his new career as a stand-up comedian and as a show producer.

Parise delved into Peredo’s reasons for entering into the world of entertainment after spending much time building his name as a businessman and politician in New Jersey.  He was also asked about his values as a Filipino and his message as a comedian and an entertainer. This amazing interview can be heard in a pod cast at www.idotings.com, Episode 6.

Peredo told the Filipino Express , a newspaper based in Jersey City, New Jersey, he has not done comedy before, but he has “always had friends and family with a great sense of humor and that enjoyed comedy clubs.”

Starting out as a comedian was no easy task for him.   Peredo said he hooked up with Rex Navarette, a long-time headliner comedian but he had a disappointing experience dealing with Navarette.

It all started in September 2012 when Peredo’s associates, Barney Herrera and Ron Josol were supposed to participate and perform with Navarette in a University of Washington’s Filipino American Students Association (UW-FASA) comedy gig.

After preparing and planning for the event, UW-FASA allegedly “worked in conjunction with Rex Navarrete to take the production ideas of Barney Herrera and Phil Peredo while also cutting out the grand finale performances of Ron Josel and Phil Peredo at the comedy show”.  

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