Concert Review: Sharon Cuneta’s Megablast of a Show: Megathirty Tour 2009

by Bobby T. Yalong

Mega-Star Sharon CunetaNEWARK (June 5) —  In the pulsating rhythms and beats and wild reactions from the enthusiastic crowd at the recently concluded MEGATHIRTY TOUR 2009 concert held last Sunday, May 31, at the NJPAC Prudential Hall in Newark, Sharon Cuneta discovers many of the things that hold dear to her heart like the chance to be able to showcase and share the Filipino music with her “kababayans” who have been years away from home and how much they “thirst” and craved for anything and everything associated to her thirty years in the business… and, much to her surprise, that her fans are very much informed and well abreast with what’s going on with her life.

For curtain raisers, the center stage was initially set on fire by the terpsichorean prowess and energetic moves and grooves of Karen, Kevin, Kelly, Kathie, Kyle, Charmaine, Storm, Derek, Alice, Stephanie, Sushma, Erin T, Erin D, and Gerwin… collectively known as the “ILL THEORY,” followed by sultry singer Cielo Tuazon who earnestly proved her peculiar mettle in the concert stage by way of her stylish vocal interpretations of top hit ditties.

No matter how good and effective the front act performers were, the audience was in full anticipation for the star of the show… seemingly unable to hold back and control the intensifying enthusiasm and started to show signs of excitement even before the last performer has totally exited behind the curtains.

And finally, after a short overture, the Megastar Sharon Cuneta emerged from the side stage, smartly garbed in an all black two-piece pant suit with V-neck top and fully sequined purple vest, highly spiritedly ushered in by “Kahapon Lamang” which was met by a thunderous applause and deafening reactions from her boisterously fans who instantly turned wild and hysterical… and that’s despite her running a 41-degree fever a while ago backstage. Her opening spiels was easily drowned by constant shrieks and cheers and her image blinded by thousands of camera flashes that made security guards double their efforts to maintain orderliness in the venue.

The Megastar turned sentimental when she dished out “Tawag Ng Pag-ibig,” a cut from her early album then went even more in emotional reminiscence with “Kahit Konting Pagtingin,” a song from the movie of the same title she did opposite the late King of Phil. Movies, Ronnie Poe, Jr.

Noticeably, after all these years, Sharon Cuneta’s glottal exasperation and breathing pattern have amazingly remained distinct complementing her somewhat husky voice… something that added even more feeling and depth to her rendition especially when she did “Hagkan,” a carrier single of one of her early recorded albums. You could clearly hear the vocal resonance and controlled sustaining power when she gave a fading last note.

The husky tonal quality of her voice was once again used to full advantage when she sung “Dear Heart,” one of the most associated songs to her…very synonymous to the name Sharon Cuneta. “This is one of the special songs close to my heart… at ang laking pagsisisi ko!” she kiddingly muttered to the amusement of the crowd that sent them into laughter.

The very lovely KC Concepcion, in a flowing fire-red bare shouldered gown, sashayed into center stage and joined her mom in singing the song that literally conceived and gave her life… setting a touching mother and daughter tandem with a missing cast to complete the scene. How swiftly time flies! The song which was originally sung by Sharon alone is now being shared by someone who was a product from the same song… and a most fitting successor to the Mega-throne.

“Thank you so much for putting me on this stage… and supporting me the way you have been supporting my mom!” KC humbly uttered in the sincerest tone one could imagine. After which, she sang the theme song of her first movie with the same title, “For The First Time.” With her effervescent grace and youthful aura, KC contributed the lively mood and bouncy beat to the show… having been re-energized by her recent winning the Star Awards Best New Actress for the second time for the same movie and her first teleserye with Piolo Pascual, “Lovers In Paris” which is under wraps.

KC oriented her audience about her rally against hunger by a personal involvement in the walk around the world and highlighted it by singing “Isang Hakbang,” a thematic composition full of compassion and concern for the youths of the world… after which Sharon re-emerged on stage (donned in another 2-piece black ensemble) and together they did a duet, “I’ll Be Here,” in a very touching, perfectly blended vocal fusion.

Sharon’s MRS (Most Requested Songs) portion led her audience to a trip down memory lane via poignant songs like “Maging Sino Ka man,” “Bituing Walang Ningning,” “Pangako Sa ‘Yo,” “Kahit Wala Ka Na,” Barry Manilow’s “Somewhere Down The Road,” and a medley of Louie Ocampo’s hits that segued to Louie’s  one and only collaborative composition with the late great George Canseco (who did the lyrics), the plaintive song, “Ikaw.”

“Pangarap Na Bituin” fittingly served as the penultimate number to Sharon’s parting words: “I couldn’t have lasted this long in this business without you… and because of God’s grace I was able to entertain you. (She was able to successfully pull off despite her fever and colds.) I could only thank you all… from the bottom of my heart… and God for giving me this opportunity to be with you who are constantly supporting me.” The Megastar said with heartfelt profundity then dished out one of signature songs “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko.”

Her encore numbers, “Bituing Walang Ningning” and “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas” only left the audience clamor for more… seemingly not having enough of her… which only proved that MEGATHIRTY TOUR 2009 was a blasting success and Sharon Cuneta hasn’t lost her magic despite the three decades of lording it over the movies, television, recording, product endorsements and the concert stage— and undoubtedly, heralded a lot more promising years ahead of her.

And to all concert-goers and Sharon Cuneta fans, Bing Gabriel has this to say: “Thank you so much for supporting MPG Global Productions presentation of MEGATHIRTY TOUR 2009. You made the show a truly eventful affair… ‘hope you extend the same in our up-coming productions!”

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