“Conjugal Presidency” Pushes Perfect Easter Message?

by Bobby Reyes

The President and First Lady take a photo with a special guest before delivering remarks at the 2022 White House Easter EGGucation Roll | Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Part VI of the “Biden’s Cancer Moonshot” Book Project

The White House’s Press Office issued a bulletin on March 27, 2024, the headline of which reads: “As Part of the Cancer Moonshot, First Lady Jill Biden, Leading Health Insurers & Oncology Practices Nationwide Highlight New Actions to Expand Patient Navigation.”

The bulletin reads: “Today, as part of the Biden Cancer Moonshot, a key pillar of the President’s Unity Agenda, First Lady Jill Biden convened executives from leading health-insurance companies, community-health plans, and health-plan professional associations to highlight recent commitments to expanding access to navigation services to help patients and their families navigate healthcare treatments for cancer and other serious illnesses. The companies—Aetna, a CVS Health company; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota; Elevance Health; Health Alliance Plan; Humana; Priority Health; and Select Health—serve more than 150-million Americans and commit to cover navigation services for cancer patients.”

To read the March 27, 2024, White House bulletin on the Holy Week’s conference about the “Biden Cancer Moonshot, please click this link.

After this columnist read The White House bulletin, he thought he might be the first wordsmith to dub the Biden Administration a “Conjugal Presidency.” Why not?

Dr. Jill Biden has acted (and continues to perform superlatively) in this writer’s viewpoint not just as the First Lady but also as a “Co-President.” Yes, especially insofar as the healthcare needs of the American people are concerned. She has taken the initiative since Day One of the Biden Administration in coordinating efforts—through the proper governmental channels—to fight the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Since the First Lady has a doctorate in education, she probably — and discreetly — helps her husband educate the country’s policy-and-decision makers. As a military mom, she is active in veterans’ affairs, especially regarding soldiers’ injuries on the battlefield and healthcare needs. As a published author, she probably helps many presidential communications staff members — from the director to the press secretary to speech writers. Perhaps she is the unofficial copy editor of The White House publications, bulletins, and press releases?

Then, the First Couple revived and “reenergized” (to borrow the term used by The White House Press Office) the “Cancer Moonshot” on February 2, 2022. It was a call to medical arms to fight the scourge of cancer made by then-Vice President Biden.

Dr. Jill Biden has acted (and continues to perform superlatively) in this writer’s viewpoint not just as the First Lady but also as a “Co-President.” Yes, especially insofar as the healthcare needs of the American people are concerned. “

Five days later, this column appeared on February 7, 2022, with an article entitled “Joe Biden Can Go Bolder and Do the ‘Medical Moonshots.'” Readers may browse the article again at this link.

In an essay published on January 28, 2024, this columnist also opined, “It Is Time to Help More the Biden’s ‘Cancer Moonshot’.” The essay can be accessed at this link. It includes a summary of the other column articles and links to all of them. It is a virtual review of the history of Mr. Biden’s “Cancer Moonshot” proposal and offers more visionary suggestions.

Perhaps wittingly (or unwittingly?), the conference’s timing on the “Biden Cancer Moonshot” was perfect. Why? Because it happened in the middle of the 2024 Holy Week. What better way for practicing Catholics like President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden to showcase the fact that Jesus Christ performed the most number of his miracles by curing the sick, the infirm, and people with disabilities?

It may be the perfect message for Easter 2024. Perhaps brainstormed by the “Conjugal Presidents” and the members of their Think Tank?

As mentioned in several gospel readings, the Redeemer made many miracles to cure the sick, including scores of lepers (who were cleansed even of body sores). Jesus Christ also made the lame and disabled people walk. And saved many individuals with various ailments, including psychiatric disorders, by ordering demons to depart immediately from the person’s body.

Perhaps if enough people of Christian faith or from other religions will pray hard, if not harder, President Biden may be cured sooner of his Stuttering Disorder. Remember that Mr. Biden suffers from a childhood-onset fluency disorder. It is the most common form of stuttering. It is a neurological disability that probably results from an underlying brain abnormality that causes disfluent speech.

Can believers of strong faith also pray for the Redeemer to drive out the alleged demons in the bodies or minds of Mr. Biden’s opponents? Hallelujah to all.

Let’s all have a Blessed and Happy Easter. God bless us all. God bless the United States of America and its allied countries.

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