Dahilayan Forest Park in Manolo Fortich

by Mary Lou Cunanan

Dahilayan Forest Park in Manolo Fortich | Contributed Photo via DFP Website

Mindanao Travelogue Series Part III

Dahilayan Forest Park is nestled at Mount Kitanglad, 4,700 above sea level, located in Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon. Mount Kitanglad is the second-highest mountain in the Philippines after the famous Mount Apo.

This place is a mini Aspen and I had the chance to wear hoodies and sweaters at this time of the year. Pine trees surround the place and cabin-inspired interiors for the hotels.

It is absolutely perfect for families and friends wanting to go on adventures and outdoor activities.

We did Zipline (the longest dual zipline in the Philippines!) surrounded by trees, luge (founded in New Zealand, this is part go-kart, part toboggan ride that rolls down a track from the mountain with thrilling twists and turns) and so much more!

We did the luge ride coming down from the mountains and the speed gets progressively faster as you go down the hills. The videos do not do justice with the adventure because I had to tuck away my phone in fear of dropping it during the ride.

Cabin inspired hotel | Photo by Mary Lou Cunanan
The Luge, part go-cart, part toboggan ride that rolls down a track with thrilling twists n’ turns and mountain views amid the cool fresh air | Contributed Photo via Dahilayan Forest Park Website
Ziplining on the longest zipline trail in the Philippines | Contributed Photo

Another thing which I am proud of is doing the zipline which the park boasts is the longest dual zipline in Asia! I wanted to capture the experience on my phone but it’s impossible because of the speed, the wind, and the unbelievable height we are all coming from.

Survived ziplining and I lived to brag about it! | Photo by Mary Lou Cunanan

It’s all about gravity and boy, gravity did not disappoint. I felt as if I was flying and all forgot all my cares and worries in the world while enjoying the scenic view of the mountains.

On our second day in Dahilayan Forest Park in Bukidnon, the action-filled activities continue. Sun’s out, the breeze is cool, surrounded by beautiful thick trees and we have a good view of the entire park.

To get to the other side, first check of the courage is the hanging bridge. We are then off to go kart riding down the hill which is pure fun and joy. We did biking, tubing down the rainbow slide (which is MUCH scarier than I expected especially when I started spinning out of control), and then my favorite activity of all, the ATV ride!

I am a girly girl for most of those who really know me. For a boring person, I really have the most exciting and sociable life – just thankful good people find me and invite me in their circle. I love things that smell good and anything related to soft, sweet, and loving things.

ATV(all-terrain vehicle) or Buggy amazing ride for two along our 3.2 km forest trail of rough terrain, steep hills, scenic views, and cool weather | Contributed Photo via Dahilayan Forest Park Website
Mini-train ride on a short tour around the pocket valley areas of the resort passing through the lush pine tress | Contributed Photo via Dahilayan Forest Park Website
Bumping and spinning around on the boats in our large man-made mountain lagoon | Contributed Photo via Dahilayan Forest Park Website

But boy, when I jumped on that ATV, which is acronym for All Terrain Vehicle, my heart started to pump out of excitement. I checked cautiously the brakes and the accelerator, finding a comfortable spot for my butt and feet to ground myself to and I looked forward to almost 6km (forgot the exact distance but it’s not long enough!) of mountain trekking and test what this bad boy can do.

And what a bad boy it is! My ATV maneuvered the side of the mountains with ease, drove through deep holes (are they called holes? The deep wide crevices of the rugged roads? You can tell I’m not an adventure writer), and was able to climb up and down even on slopes with 45-degree angles (maybe I’m exaggerating but my emotions feel they are 45 degrees angles).

As we get closer to our starting point, I wanted to do it all over again. Dahilayan Forest Park in Bukidnon is perfect for family and nature lovers.

Mary Lou Cunanan is a regular Lifestyle columnist of the Philippine Daily Mirror. She is a writer, world traveler, and a Filipina who is very proud of her identity, whose life mission is always searching for covering stories of amazing Filipinos, events, organizations, and businesses globally to celebrate and champion what makes Filipinos amazing wherever they may be.

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