DFA repatriates 90K Filipinos since outbreak began; reports 9K infected by COVID-19


Arriving repatriated passengers waiting for their documents to be processed. | Photo DFA

MANILA – There are no recoveries or death reported by foreign service post according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and a previous record of 5,321 and 634, respectively, stays as of July 18. Middle East/Africa tops the list with 2,273 Filipinos that were infected by the coronavius disease.

In terms of Filipinos undergoing treatment from Covid-19, 3,086 have been recorded and broken down into 148 (Asia Pacific), 505 (Europe), 2,273 (Middle East/Africa), amd 119 (the Americas).

In a statement, the DFA has reminded all nationals abroad to cooperate with local health authorities “as we all together and take proactive action in fighting against and preventing the spread of the of pandemic.”

DFA also said, in a separate statement, it remains committed to bringing home all distressed Filipino workers affected by the pandemic, which has caused thousand of jobs cuts worldwide.

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs

DFA has facilitated the return of all 11,688 Filipinos for a total of 90,497 (45%) since the outbreak began. 40,540 are sea-based, 49,957 (55%) are land-based. Recent repatriates arrived from the Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the U.S. on July 17.

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging and Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) One Stop Shop at the airports continues to ensure that repatriated Filipinos arrive safe and sound to their loved ones waiting at home.

Upon arrival, they undergo thorough briefing on current safety protocols as well as RT-PCR Testing as prescribed by the IATF-EID. They are temporarily housed at Bureau of Quarantine-approved facilities for mandatory quarantine while they await the results of their RT-PCR test according to DFA.

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