Digg – Facebook Connect App launches today

by Kobakila News

After months of waiting, Digg is finally integrated to Facebook Connect.

The two very popular services allows better collaboration between each other so their friends can see what they’ve been digging, and let them find other Facebook users who are using Digg too.

Once Facebook Connect has been activated, you’re able to publish your Diggs, submissions, and comments back to your Facebook News Feed. You can also quickly invite your Facebook friends to Digg.

Users can enable or disable the service at any time by visiting digg.com and turning off certain features via the settings panel.

Kevin Rose (One of the Digg.com co-founders) announced the service this afternoon on the Digg blog and also check out the integration in the video below:


Digg: Facebook Connect Demo from Digg Meetups on Vimeo.


This move is definitely a great addition for Digg means a lot more exposure on Facebook.

Connect your Facebook Account to Digg


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