Donald J. Trump and the Economic GROWTH He Fostered for the United States

by Kumar Balani

“President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One” | Photo by The White House via CC PDM 1.0

Kumar Balani

Most past US presidents did not quite understand that Donald Trump understood very well because all countries are essentially, a business. A well-run business attracts and nurtures growth. Individuals who seek to improve themselves and help those around them continually do the same, attract like-minded people.

What makes a business (including countries) sound, and therefore, attractive to others?

Here are just some qualities:

• It attracts those who seek Growth beyond self-imposed limitations
• It provides almost no or zero Restrictions to the level of income you want to earn
• It gives you a wide range of Occupations that you can do to make yourself happy
• It is for those who wish limitless Wealth and the freedom to enjoy life the way you want
• It is really for those who desire Truth, instead of deception
• It is for you if you seek to have Happiness for yourself and your family

In short, if you seek GROWTH for yourself in many ways, and not stagnation, the United States is for you. As you seek growth for yourself, you help others along the way become more productive.

Here are just three simple examples:

• If you are experienced and get a job as Head of Customer Service, you make sure your customers are satisfied and happy, your firm can grow to have millions of new customers. Your boss may reward you with the million-dollar-paying job of Company President.
• If you get a technical service job and you invent a device that saves effort, money, or time, you can patent that invention and make yourself millions of dollars
• If you get a job as an executive and help that that company become a leader in your industry, you can be rewarded by its Board of Directors with shares worth millions of dollars.

Donald Trump sought people who contributed to the growth of the United States. They reflect the actions they took in the immigration laws passed and the reforms he achieved. It includes the restrictive regulations he abolished that had slowed down business growth and revenue and the immigration bills passed into law that favored job growth innovation.

He built a wall that excluded criminals from entering the United States and the people who would become a burden on the government at all levels.

As a result of all that he accomplished, jobs grew by the millions, and the level of United States unemployment sank to its 50-year low.

Former President Donald J. Trump understood business. Because he understood that a country is essentially a business, he eliminated undesirable elements and fostered all those elements that led to new growth for the United States.

Much, much more was done, and I am confident that historians will judge him very well.

Kumar J. Balani is the Founder, Publisher, and CEO of BIZ INDIA Online News since 2002. He has an AB degree in Journalism from the University of the Philippines and an MA in Politics from New York University.

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George S. Trinidad January 24, 2021 - 8:15 am

In this op-ed I am reminded of a Chinese proverb which goes … “give fish to a man and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you give him an opportunity to feed for a lifetime”. In this article Mr. Balani enlightens us about how we all must be productive in some shape or form; from a humble low-paying job of a janitor to a CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation. The Trump administration epitomized this idea by eliminating regulations, as one example, that hinders growth. Providing excessive assistance, continuing on the idea of bad policies, only make people rely on government which does not give him incentive to improve himself. This is also true of other entities, corporations and governments alike, looking for handouts.


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