Exit fees waived for Filipino dual citizens

by Kobakila News

WASHINGTON, DC (June 17) — Filipino dual citizens departing the Philippines after a visit no longer need to pay exit fees, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) has ruled.

Philippine Ambassador to the United States Willy C. Gaa welcomed this decision of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration to waive the collection of exit fees from departing passengers who are holders of Filipino identification certificates even if they are using foreign passports.

“This is a good development that would make travel to and from the country by Filipino dual citizens much more convenient for them.  This goes to show that the Philippine Government is committed in ensuring that dual citizens equally enjoy the rights, privileges and benefits available to any Filipino citizen,” Ambassador Gaa said.

Former Filipinos who reacquire their Filipino citizenship and thereby become dual citizens have the option of having a Philippine passport or an identification certificate issued to them. For purposes of traveling, retiring or staying for extended periods in the Philippines, these are the only two documents that immigration officers at Philippine ports of entry will recognize as proof of Filipino citizenship. As such, Ambassador Gaa and the Philippine Embassy strongly encourage former Filipino citizens to secure one of the two documents as soon as they have reacquired their Filipino citizenship.

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