FAPCNY elects new set of officers for 2018-2019

by Tambi Wycoco

NEW YORK (iiNNS) — The Filipino American Press Club of New York (FAPCNY) recently voted digital magazine editor Marivir Montebon President of the six-year-old organization.

Also elected along with Montebon, editor of OSM magazine, are Cristina Pastor, Vice President; Tambi Wycoco, Secretary; and Momar Visaya, Treasurer. Voted to serve as members of the Board of Directors were Grace Labaguis, Noel Pangilinan, Lambert Parong, and Don Tagala. Immediate Past President Ricky Rillera is also a member of the board as stipulated in the FAPCNY bylaws.

The FAPCNY is a community of reporters, editors, photographers, bloggers, and marketing/advertising executives. It was formed in 2011 recognizing a need for producers of news to organize themselves and professionalize their ranks. One of its flagship projects is the Journalism Scholarship Program for high school seniors entering Journalism.

Newly-elected President Montebon began as a campus journalist at her alma mater, the University of San Carlos (USC) in Cebu, Philippines. She has a degree in Psychology from USC in 1988 and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree Program in Not-for-profits at the Unification Theological Seminary in Manhattan. In 2012, she received a Woman in Media Award from the Pan-American Concerned Citizens League of New York and New Jersey. She has published five books, two in Cebu and three in New York City. The latest, In the Belly of the Beast, about human trafficking, is published by the University of San Carlos Press.

Pastor, who was elected Vice President, is the founding editor of the online news magazine The FilAm. She is also a co-founder and co-host of Makilala TV, the first online talk show for Filipino Americans in the New York Metropolitan Area.

The members of the board are:

Grace Labaguis is a Marketing Consultant for GMA International, as well as Marketing Director for Synergy Production & Marketing, Inc.

Noel Pangilinan is the Editor of Open City Magazine, a publication of the Asian American Writer’s Workshop. He is an adjunct faculty at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, teaching Filipino language and Philippine history courses.

Lambert Parong is a freelance photographer. He established Kababayan Media Corp., an NYC-based independent multimedia Internet outlet that includes www.balitangnewyork.com, a news and blog site highlighting Filipinos and events within the Filipino community and www.asianherald.net, the latest online media outlet covering the larger Asian American community‎.

Don Tagala is an award-winning video journalist of ABS-CBN North America’s “Balitang America.

Ricky Rillera is the Executive Editor for the USA of the Philippine Daily Mirror.

Momar Visaya is the Editor in Chief of Asian Journal. He is also a food blogger.

Tambi Wycoco is the Editor of IINS news service.

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