Fil Am Nursing Assistant Accused Of Stealing Money From An Elderly Man

by Joseph G. Lariosa

CHICAGO (jGLi) – A Filipino American woman caretaker has been accused of stealing more than $500,000 from her ward, an elderly man suffering from severe dementia, according to CBS TV News 2 Chicago report on Friday (March 30).

CBS 2 investigative reporter Pam Zekman identified the Filipino American as Carmelita Pasamba, a certified nursing assistant, who had been the full-time caretaker of Marshall Davies, a retired senior citizen in his 90’s.

Because of his advanced age and health condition, Davies’ doctors prescribed him a full-time caretaker in his home before he was discharged from St. Joseph in 2008. Davies hired Pasamba who cared for him in the hospital.

Cook county Public Guardian’s Office in Chicago is going to recover more than half a million dollars Pasamba and her family improperly took from Davies during the last two and a half years.

James Burton, an assistant public guardian, described Davies as “extremely vulnerable. He was nearly 90 years old in 2008. He was already exhibiting signs of dementia. And so he was the perfect prey.”

Pasamba and her family turned Davies into their “own personal ATM machine.”

Investigators said Pasamba brought Davies to the Filipino American Council of Greater Chicago’s (FACC) office at the Rizal Center in Chicago’s north side, where Attorney Alfonso Bascos, an FACC officer, holds office.

The Public Guardian’s office said Bascos prepared a new will and trust agreement for Davies, awarding $20,000 to various social service agencies affiliated with the FACC and giving Pasamba and her family a total of $175,000 upon Davies’ death.

Bascos, a perennial FACC president, prepared a power of attorney, giving Pasamba authority to handle Davies’ financial affairs, including making withdrawals and writing checks from Davies’ bank account.

According to Public Guardian’s office, Pasamba used Davies’ $10,000 as down payment on a new $50,000 Mercedes. She also issued checks for thousands of dollars to pay her daughter’s tuition and to finance her son’s dance studio.

Her sister, Jocelyn Baker, also worked as caretaker for Davies, and got more than $20,000 to remodel her apartment and to buy furnishings.

After Pasamba helped Davies sell his condo for $189,000, Pasamba gave herself $50,000 “bonus.” Pasamba also withdrew $50,000 from his bank account.

Pasamba now regrets spending the money. “I just realize that what I did is not right,” she told Ms. Zekman.

The Public Guardian’s Office plans to sue everyone involved in the case and try to get back some of Davies’ retirement money.

An e-mail message sent by this reporter to Attorney Bascos for comment was not answered. (



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