Fil-Am Press Club to hold 6th Anniversary Celebration Nov. 3

by Kobakila News

NEW YORK – The Filipino American Press Club of New York (FAPCNY) will be celebrating its sixth founding anniversary as the first organization for Filipino journalists in the New York area.

The theme of its anniversary is “Celebrating the People Who Report the News,” which is a tribute of sorts to the largely unheralded Fil-Am media organizations who, despite modest resources, manage to tell exceptional stories of people within our community.

To commemorate the occasion, FAPCNY is inviting the community to a cocktail/dinner reception on Nov. 3 at 6 PM at the Philippine Center on 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY. Meet the reporters, editors, videographers and photographers, bloggers, marketing, advertising and communication executives who produce and present the news, and provide commentary and analyses.

“News reporting is at a crossroads, and now more than ever we need journalists who stick to the facts and nothing more,” said Ricky Rillera, president of the FAPCNY. “We are proud to have members who honor tradition.”

On this day also, the FAPCNY will launch the Journalism Scholarship Awards to be given to young FilAms with a budding interest in writing, photography, and multimedia storytelling.

Said Rillera, “We hope they will look to us not so much as ‘role models’ because we do not claim to be the best (although many of us are really good!), but that we hope they read and view the product of our efforts as stubborn reporters, persistent diggers of truth and fact, and storytellers with heart.”

The awarding will be held next year.

The FAPCNY was founded in September 2011 when many of the journalists found themselves attending the launch of a restaurant in Jersey City. Forming a club was an idea that has been tossed around for some time but on that day, it became reality. Those who were at the launch became the founding members. They are: Lito Gajilan, Butch Gata, Grace Labaguis, Elton Lugay, Cristina DC Pastor, Richard Reyes, Ricky Rillera, Monette Rivera, Don Tagala, Lenn Almadin Thornhill, Momar Visaya.

Freelance photographer Butch Gata was the first president serving from 2012 to 2013, followed by Monette Rivera of TFC who became president from 2014-2015. Rillera, the current president from 2016 to 2017, is the executive editor of Philippine Daily Mirror.

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