Filipina worker in Haiti found in supermart rubble

by Kobakila News

Port-Au-Prince, HAITI РAfter three weeks of search and recovery efforts, the remains of Mary Grace Fabian, an overseas Filipino worker in Haiti, was pulled out of the collapsed Carribean Supermarket February 5, according to Lt. Colonerl Lope Dagoy, commander of the 10th Philippine peacekeeping contingent.  A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on January 12.

Her remains were recovered by the Central National Equipment Retrieval team and was identified by Lowel Lalican, husband of Geraldine Lalican, another Filipina still trapped under the rubble of the supermarket.  Fabian was identified through her uniform, hair and necklace.

Rosalyn, her sister, decided to immediately bury her remains at the National Cemetary in Port-au-Prince.  Meanwhile, the Philippine contingent is continuing recovery efforts for Lalican.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, a total of 63 Filipinos have been repatriated from Haiti including 32 who arrived Friday morning, Feb. 5, at the Ninoy Aquino Internaitonal Airport.

Philippine Honorary Consul to Haiti Fitzgerald Brandt is supervising the recovery efforts.

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