Filipino-Chinese senior beaten, robbed at an ATM in San Francisco

by Jay Domingo, PDM Staff Writer

Marc, 84-year-old victim | Screengrabbed from a video footage

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – A week after a Filipino senior in El Cajon, San Diego, was brutally stabbed, a Filipino-Chinese man identified only as Mark (out of respect for his privacy) was attacked with a glass bottle in San Francisco, Calif., ABC7 News reported.

A man approached Marc, 84, while he was at the Union Bank ATM along California street and screamed at Marc to give him money. Marc then gestured towards his messenger bag, indicating to the man that he was retrieving cash for him. Then the man hit Marc with a glass bottle.

Marc suffered a bruised and swollen face. His daughter Ana, who is a nurse, said he has no significant injuries. However, she said doctors believe he may have broken sinus bones that will require surgery.

A witness to the crime had sent ABC7 News a photo of a shattered green Pellegrino bottle that laid on the ground.

Source: Tweet from Dion Lim of ABC7 News

“Deep inside, even even though my heart is heavy, there are angels on Earth, including the officer and passerby who came to my dad’s rescue,” the victim’s daughter said. “They called paramedics and made sure my dad was OK.”

“All those people, persons, good people. They don’t leave me until I leave to the hospital… I’m blessed. I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of my family. I wish I know you every one of you,” Marc said.

Both Marc and his family want to shed light on the incident and raise awareness in the community. The family is working with the police and hopes an arrest will be made soon. The San Francisco Police Department is investigating the incident.

“We have hate crimes against Asians and it never hits home until it happens to you or a family member. It just dawns on you this is real and we have to make a stand against these hate crimes,” said Ana. She is not sure if her father was targeted because of his race or age.

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