Filipino mother hopeful of a U.S. Congress seat

by Kobakila News

attwoodALAMO, CA (June 16) — A wife, a mother and Commissioner on the City of Danville’s Planning Commission has announced her candidacy for California’s Congressional 10th District, which is soon to be vacated by Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher.

Tiffany Attwood, a Democrat, is a wife to Francis Attwood and mother of a three-year-old daughter. Attwood’s rich heritage as a second generation Filipino and a second generation Latina, adds a particular spice to the family life. She faces the everyday challenges of holding down two jobs and balancing a family life to make ends meet.

What prompted her to run for a congressional seat is her concern with the field of candidates vying for Congresswoman Tauscher’s office.  “Why would anyone elect the same officials that put California in a $21 billion deficit in a Federal seat?” she asked.  “I don’t think constituents of the 10th District want to put an experienced deficit-spending, tax-increasing politician in Congress.”

Her profession as a mortage officer has given Tiffany insight into the financial crisis that has battered families and home ownership throughtout the area.  “Defaults in home ownership are up, on average by 14 percent in the District”, she said. “Families are now faced with possible layoffs, bad credit and nowhere to turn to for help. I want to get the word out that Obama’s stimulus for housing is working, although a little bureaucratic, we’ve been able to give families their lives back.”

Attwood is acutely aware of the issues surrounding veterans and senior citizens, especially with health care.  Her father and two brothers are Marines. “The American people and the U.S. government have a solemn obligation to ensure they receive the benefits they deserve and that every veteran has equal access to those benefits,”she said.

Accordng to her, her family has struggled with getting decent health care with VA benefits, whose injuries were directly related to  foreign wars. She says that in many VA hospitals, dedicated physicians, medical technicians, nurses, and other staff appear to be stretched to their limits.

In Congress, she said she will author or support any legislation that will help veterans receive health care from any hospital, instead of having to drive hours to a VA medical facilitiy and wait for care.  Öur obligation to our veterans is to ensure the very best medical care America can provide.  Giving our vet’s options choose where they want their care is primary in my campaign,”she said.

The other issues which are also close to her heart and will make them as her issues for her candidacy are energy and health care.

Noting that her district is rich with windmill power from the Montezuma Hills to Birds Landing. which can generate up to 150 megawatts of electricity — enough to light 112,500 homes — she said she will actively create and support U.S. House Bills that pursue renewable energy use, research, development and production that will create thousands of green jobs with her district.

In addition, as Congresswoman, her goal is to urge immediate health care reform and hold public forums on how to maintain a “world class” medical industry with affordable costing insurance.

“I will do everything necessary for our district to cover our uninsured children through the State Children’s Insurance Program and in providing access to quality care for our seniors,” she said.

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