Filipino nurses, caregivers arrive in Japan under JPEPA

by Kobakila News

TOKYO (May 18) – After five years of trying to reach a bilateral agreement for the deployment of Filipino nurses and caregivers to Japan, the first batch of Filipino nurses and caregivers arrived in Japan under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) on 11 May 2009.

RP Ambassador in Tokyo Domingo L. Siazon Jr. addressed the health workers during the opening ceremony of the EPA Training Program for Filipino Candidates for “Kangoshi” (nurses) held at the Tokyo Kenshu Center of the Association for overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS).

In his remarks, Ambassador Siazon encouraged the Filipino healthcare professionals to be diligent in their language studies and to aim for excellence in their field of expertise.

“Mastering Kanji can be done. Passing the Japanese Board Exams can be done; all that is required is commitment and hard work,” he stressed.

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