Filipino Seaman on Board Crashed Air France Plane

by Kobakila News

PARIS (June 3) -– A Filipino seafarer was among the 228 listed passengers of Air France Flight 447 which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on the evening of May 31 (Brasilia time).

The Filipino was identified as Arden Jugueta, a seafarer whose vessel docked in Rio de Janeiro and who was to take a connecting flight from Paris to Manila.

The French Foreign Ministry notified the Philippine Embassy in Paris of the Filipino seafarer’s identity. Similarly, Jugueta’s ship manning company confirmed that he was on board Air France Flight 447.

The Paris main offices of Air France and the local shipping agency have communicated with the family of Mr. Jugueta.

According to the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs, it will continue to monitor the latest developments in the ongoing search and rescue operations by military and aviation authorities of Brazil, France and Spain near the island of Fernando de Noronha, about 1,500 miles east of Rio de Janeiro.

The DFA also said it will extend assistance to Jugueta’s family.

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