Filipinos support Dromm’s Appointment to City Council Immigration Committee

by Kobakila News

NEW YORK CITY – Rain, wind, and cold weather did not hinder supporters from rallying behind Daniel Dromm at the Jewish Center in Jackson Heights. Dromm held a press conference to announce his latest position as the chair of the New York City Council Immigration Committee.

“Dromm is the person we need for the job. He has been active in community affairs in the district for almost two decades already. He has advocated for community issues which includes just wages, traffic concerns, LGBT rights and justice for victims of hate crimes in the community”, Mon Mappala of the Filipino Political Action Committee (FPAC) said.

On November 3, 2009, Dromm received overwhelming support from the immigrant community when he was elected to serve the 25th district. His district has the highest percentage of foreign-born residents in New York City (the 25th district includes sections of Jackson heights, Elmhurst, LeFrak City, Corona, Rego Park and Woodside).

Council member Dromm declared, “As committee chairperson, I look forward to addressing the wide array of issues that our immigrants face when they come here. In the City council, I represent what is perhaps the most diverse, immigrant rich community in the city, if not the world. It is indeed an honor to chair this committee.”

“A patchwork of immigrants elects an openly gay councilman”, is how the New York Times dubbed Dromm’s recent election.  Dromm who has irish roots, speaks Spanish fluently and once worked as a teacher promised to address different issues in the community.

Among the issues which is Dromm’s priorities in the Immigration committee are expanding of English-as-a-Second language programs, improving health care access for immigrants, opening jobs and community centers, improving housing for immigrants, relieving school overcrowding in communities with large immigrant populations, supporting federal legislation for the DREAM act and focusing on the need for a comprehensive federal immigration reform.

“Dromm truly understands the diversity of his district and the needs of the different neighborhoods that thrive in it. We are hopeful that his appointment as Chair of the immigration committee will bring our voices, the immigrant voices into the New York City Council. And he will help bring changes to our community including the ever growing Filipino Community”, Mappala said.

Council member Dromm declared during the press conference, “It does not matter where you come from or how you got here. What matters is where we are going together”. “What immigrants want is what all New Yorkers want – the right to pursue happiness and freedom in our great land”, Dromm added.

Philippine Forum, a local organization in Queens fighting for the rights and welfare of Filipinos, signified to help Dromm push for a comprehensive immigration agenda.

“The appointment of Council Member Dromm is a big victory for the Filipino community and our immigration campaign. Danny has been a close ally even before he was elected as NYC council member and we look forward to working with him in bringing concrete changes for immigrants‚Äù, Julia Camagong, Co-Executive director of Philippine Forum, stated.

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