First FilAm TV Talk Show Throws A Party

by Kobakila News

NEW YORK, NY — This city’s first Filipino-American TV Talk Show, Makilala, which means “get to know” in Tagalog, will hold a reception on Friday, November 15 at the Philippine Center at 556 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

It is a launch party and a talk show. Makilala will moderate a town hall discussion with Consul General Mario de Leon Jr. about issues that are close to Filipinos and Filipino Americans in NY Tri-State area. Like: why our community is thriving despite the many organizations that appear to divide us; why dual citizenship won’t make us unpatriotic Americans; or why food, not faith, is our cultural unifier.

There will be food, drinks and roving camera interviews. Be prepared to say what’s on your mind.

After five episodes, Makilala is well on the way to another round of exciting programming.  According to one of its hosts, Rachelle will walk their audience through the corridors of powers with a report on her recent visit to the Philippines; Jen will feature creative children suffering from autism; Maria would like to talk about the Filipino movement into the mainstream media; and Cristina will talk Facebook and hashtags with social media-savvy FilAm seniors.

Members of the press and the community are invited to get to know the ladies of Makilala: Rachelle Ocampo, Jen Furer, Maria Cruz Lee and Cristina DC Pastor. The show, which is aired through Queens Public Television, highlights a new guest every month as the ladies talk to the movers and shakers that affect Filipino life in the community.

encourages the community to attend and find out how it can participate in the TV program.

– Cristina DC Pastor: Founding Editor of the The FilAm online magazine
– Jen Furer: Author of “Out of Status,” Founder of the blog Gotta Love Mom and Director of Communications at the Filipino American Legal Defense and Education Fund (FALDEF)
– Rachelle Ocampo: Health Educator and President of Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro)
– Maria Cruz Lee: Project Coordinator (Social Media Strategy) and Special Assistant to the Commissioner of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and Owner of Katamisán Cakes.

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