Formula One’s 2010 Budget Cap

by Kobakila News

The FIA, Formula One’s governing body for racing, has recently revised the budget cap for 2010. For next year season there will be only 13 teams that will be accepted for the championship series. They have also imposed a £40 million budget cap per year in exchange for more technical freedom.

A new Costs Commission will monitor and enforce the budget-cap regulations. The Costs Commission will consist of a Chairman and two other Commissioners, appointed by the WMSC for terms of three years.

Those teams accepting the cap will be able to run constantly adjustable wings, engines with no rev limit, more powerful KERS systems, and – in theory – four-wheel drive. They will also be allowed unlimited out-of-season track testing with no restrictions on the scale and speed of wind tunnel testing.

Other 2010 changes for all teams include the expected ban on refueling and tyre warmers, and an increase in the minimum car weight from 605 to 620kg, a move designed to offset the disadvantage heavier drivers face when running KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System).

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