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by Steve Van Derodar

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Thanksgiving is a holiday with deep historical roots in the United States, and its ideology is centered around gratitude, unity, and the celebration of the harvest. The traditional narrative of the first Thanksgiving, which took place in 1621 between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans, is often invoked to convey these values.

But Thanksgiving can be a moment to reflect on many other things. What about being thankful for real estate investment or property ownership, which, in a sense, is a big part of our day-to-day existence? Being grateful for real estate ownership is a matter of acknowledging one’s good fortune and recognizing the numerous benefits and opportunities that come with it. Here are several reasons to be thankful for real estate ownership:

Shelter and Security: Real estate ownership provides a place to call home, offering shelter, security, and protection from the elements. It’s a basic human need, and owning a property means having a stable and secure place to live.

Investment and Wealth Building: Real estate is a valuable asset that can be appreciated over time, potentially leading to financial growth. Property ownership can be a significant source of wealth and a means to build equity that can be tapped into for future financial goals.

Stability and Roots: Real estate ownership often provides stability and roots. It can anchor a fast-paced world, offering a constant and familiar place to return to, which is especially important for families and individuals seeking stability.

Personal Expression: Owning a property allows you to personalize your living space and make it your own. Your home is a canvas on which you can express your individuality, lifestyle, and design preferences.

Community and Neighbors: Real estate ownership typically means community involvement. You have neighbors, access to local amenities, and the opportunity to build connections and friendships within your neighborhood.

Tax Benefits: Real estate ownership often offers tax advantages, such as deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes. These benefits can help reduce one’s overall tax liability.

Generational Wealth: Real estate can be a means of passing down wealth to future generations. It provides a valuable asset that can be inherited, ensuring your family has a place to call home and build their memories.

It is often said that homeownership is crucial for achieving the American dream. For individuals and families, owning a home provides stability, security, and a place to create lasting memories.”

Rental Income: If you own multiple properties, real estate can provide a source of rental income. This can be a stable income stream and an effective way to diversify your investment portfolio.

Retirement Planning: Real estate ownership can be vital in retirement planning. It can serve as a place to live in retirement or be sold to fund your retirement lifestyle.

Home Equity Loans: The equity you build in your property can be leveraged through home equity loans or lines of credit. This can provide financial flexibility for various needs, from home improvements to education expenses.

Asset Appreciation: Real estate historically appreciates over time, making it a valuable long-term investment. When you decide to sell, it can also be a source of capital gains.

Diversification: Real estate ownership offers diversification in your investment portfolio, reducing risk and spreading wealth across different asset classes.

Sense of Achievement: The process of acquiring and maintaining real estate is an accomplishment that brings a sense of pride and achievement. It’s a tangible symbol of your hard work and success.

Quality of Life: Owning real estate often improves one’s quality of life. It can provide the space, amenities, and environment contributing to well-being and happiness.

Potential for Giving Back: Real estate can also be used to give back to the community, whether by offering shelter to those in need or contributing to charitable causes through property donations.

In essence, real estate ownership offers many benefits beyond the simple act of having a place to live. It’s an investment in your future, a source of stability, and a means to build wealth and create a better quality of life. These reasons make real estate ownership a cause for gratitude and thankfulness.

It is often said that homeownership is crucial for achieving the American dream. For individuals and families, owning a home provides stability, security, and a place to create lasting memories.

Give Thanks.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stevenson’s experience in Philippine Real Estate spans over 15 years. He has been involved in horizontal, vertical, vacation, and commercial properties. He has worked as an International Property Specialist for markets in Asia, Europe, and North America with Ayala Land, Federal Land, and Century Properties. Through PhilHouseHunters, he offers real estate investment opportunities, marketing, and consultancy with a critical focus on Metro Manila and Mega Cebu areas. Visit Email at

In New York City, Stevenson is affiliated with Elegran Forbes Global Properties as a Real Estate Advisor and licensed Real Estate Salesperson. Forbes Global Properties is a global network of elite real estate professionals, including brokers, developers, and agents, who specialize in luxury properties. Through Forbes Global Properties, members can connect with affluent buyers and sellers across the globe and showcase their high-end properties on a global stage. Email him at

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