Hello 2010

by Daniel Escurel Occeno

In the Chinese calendar the Year 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. The Chinese culture also believes in the Three Kings or the Three Wise Men. Wisdom is more important than gold, but I am forty-nine years old. I have plenty of wisdom but not one ounce of gold is in my possession.

King number one represents fortune.

I have heard many times and been sent E-mail responding to my articles with a similar repeating point: How can your country end your poverty? The government does not have that kind of money.

I believe in the market economy not in Socialism. There are several men and women in the Philippines that already have the great wealth to end poverty in their properties. Many have large sums of money available to invest in more developments. You might say luck will be required to bring fortune to the poor, but it is our destiny to end our poverty like with domestic tourism and domestic trading, province to province, region to region, and island to island.

King number two represents prosperity.

Prosperity can be defined as success or the enjoyment of wealth.

By developing a working middle class, the Philippines can end poverty. The division of the rich and the poor will merge as one unit with a common goal of prosperity for all.

Education is just the first step. Jobs creation will be crucial, but it should be jobs that the native born Filipino children are capable of doing. The average height in the Philippines is with most of the working adults stand less than five-foot-seven inches tall so labor intensive jobs would not be recommended to create.

Jobs in construction will be plenty as the country continues to develop.

Intellectual, sedentary, and less labor demanding jobs would more likely meet the overpopulated human resources available in the Philippines.

Jobs in television, communications, and the movie industries would be examples of non-labor intensive careers; but it is more important to build studios similar to Pinewood Studios in England because of our rainy seasons. Outdoor filming would be limited as indoors would offer year around salaries and will improve success, being wise to be more profitable.

If industrialization is a must, then the need for intellectual assistance must coincide with the labor force such as robotics in the workplace and machinery to mass produce in making salad dressing bottled with 100% coconut cooking oil as just one example.

King number three represents long-life.

Bitter herbs are good for diabetics because it is natural diuretics that flush unneeded sugar and fat when we urinate. As we get older, however, your family doctor might recommend that you cut back on coffee and tea because of the caffeine.  It is more important to get plenty of natural sleep because digestion occurs during deep sleep.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is marketed as a food supplement in the Philippines with claims that a teaspoon a day is good for diabetics. Family doctors will worry that people will stop taking their diabetic medicine with such claims, but digestible protein is a preventive medicine for diabetics.

If you are healthy, may I recommend Philippine prawns (giant shrimps) and Blue Marlin steaks if you were told to avoid beef, pork, and chicken in your New Year’s diet. Blue Marlin steaks fried in 100% coconut cooking oil is excellent. No need to add salt to a deep saltwater fish. Egg battered Philippine prawns fried in 100% coconut cooking oil would ruin a New Year’s resolution diet. Do not forget to peel the skin and butterfly the prawns before dipping in egg batter. Use non-fat flour (rice flour) in the egg batter to thicken if you are worried about getting fat.

Of course the best preventive medicine to live a long-life or my fountain of youth is natural Vitamin C.

The Philippines does not have a 100% fresh squeezed Florida orange juice industry available. We can have a fresh pomelo (Chinese grapefruit) juice industry squeezed by a hydraulic press in the hundreds of thousands a day. We have plenty of 100% pineapple juice however. But medical doctors will tell you that the secret to a long-life is to poop regular, flush out solid waste from your colon and intestine.

If liquid refreshments are not for you, how about fresh papayas, fresh mangos, and vegetable roughage like lettuce or cabbages would also help. And I like adding a slice of fresh ginger root to my orange pekoe cup of hot tea. Fresh ginger aids in digestion. But the caffeine so pureed green papayas added to chicken noodle soup with sprinkled ginger powder for spice, then boil and simmer. Slurp when cool.  Just to poop and live longer. But get some deep sleep.

Exercise is needed to stay mentally and physically healthy. Standing toe touches can replace sit-ups for us with a couch potato stomach belly. Spread your legs wider with bended knees if that belly is a problem to do more toe touches or to touch the ground.

Some joggers will tell you that they jog not to be skinny but to shake loose the undigested waste in their intestine. I have asthma and crippling arthritis so power walking with leisurely-walking to control my breathing when needed is what I can handle.

May the Year of the Tiger bring you fortune, prosperity, and long-life!

Happy New Year and hello 2010.

Daniel Escurel Occeno is a writer for children in the Philippines. www.gubatnet.blog.com

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