How to Fund Florida’s Proposed New Socioeconomic-Development Evolutionary Projects

by Bobby Reyes

| Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash

Part VI: “Florida, the State of the Future” Series

This column has proposed the funding for the proposals that a new Florida’s “back-to-basics governance” will launch. It will be easier to fund the projects because they will be done on the suggested Public-Private Partnership (PPP). It means that the private sector will need to invest in them. Additional sources of the investment funds will come from Floridian consumers and employees of the ventures that they will ask to form cooperatives (co-ops).

The countries that will also participate (for instance) in sending their nursing students to complete their education in Florida’s nursing colleges may also be tapped to invest in the project. After all, the projected 13-million shortage in Board-certified nurses (by 2030) is for the world’s needs and not just North America and the Caribbean. The respective central bank of the country participants may join the State of Florida and, or the Federal Reserve Bank in coming up with a new cryptocurrency that will be the first to carry guarantees by a pool of national and state governments. The guaranteed cryptocurrency may provide more funding for the ventures proposed for Florida as the pilot state.

We are sure that an overwhelming majority of the millions of Florida-trained and Board-certified nurses, and other medical professionals, will invest in the proposed “guaranteed cryptocurrency.” Their move is not only to accumulate savings and retirement funds but also to keep the “Florida Nursing/Medical Program” continue beyond 2030.

The participation of employee and, or consumer co-ops is mandatory if Floridians opt to stop “Crony Capitalism” and replace it with “Cooperative Capitalism.” Because the biggest problem of capitalism is the lack of capital from the small guys, rank-and-file employees, and the consumers and their respective families, the public may be asked not only to form co-ops to buy equity in the coming joint ventures but also to organize their own credit unions and money-market co-op funds as well.

A new state government should help low-income families and retirees become more economically independent and empowered. Why? Many of them, even those receiving a pension from Social Security, borrow money from pay-day loan firms that charge the proverbial arm-and-leg interest rates. A proven way is to help the consumers and pensioners organize their own credit union to help members cut down the cost of borrowing, credit cards, and paying installments on big-ticket items.

The public employees’ pension and retirement funds may be asked to invest also in the proposed ventures — instead of investing substantial amounts in Wall Street stocks and foreign countries like the Russian Federation. It is a well-known fact that Wall Street trading is often controlled by billionaire stockholders that could easily manipulate stock trading. The present state government of Florida has channeled a big chunk of its pension fund for its employees and invested it in Russian firms. And the investment has so far lost more than an estimated $300 million — because of the economic turmoil and economic sanctions against the Russian economy due to the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.

This column also has proposed to the Biden Administration ways and means to reinvent the creation of wealth among the regular employees and citizens so that the American society is not controlled by the “filthy rich,” which compose the upper one percent of the American economy and assets. The new Florida leaders can ask the federal government to make the Sunshine State the first state to cooperate with the Biden Administration and make Floridian ventures the initial recipients of the suggested “back-to-basics economic empowerment.”

In January of 2021, this column wrote about how to “reinvent” the economy. The article is called A Biden Back-to-Basics (B2B) Doctrine for Economic Empowerment.

Here are the titles of, and the links to, the other follow-up articles:
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Suppose the Great State of Florida policy and decision-makers are interested in “reinventing” their economy and assisting in diversifying equity among the industries and businesses. In that case, they can instruct their staff to read the above links. And even improve the concepts by making them more feasible in subsequent feasibility studies and environmental-impact reports. Then they can present the improved ideas to the public for comment and approval.

Other suggestions about helping the environment (such as greening the four American deserts, two of which are shared with Mexico) were sent to the Biden White House for its perusal and commentary. I will discuss them in Part VII of this series.

This column has also run a series on tapping the waters of the Mississippi River, the most extensive inland body of water, and cleaning and pumping them to replenish America’s great aquifers — instead of merely ending in the Gulf of Mexico and becoming part of the ocean. I will post a summary of them in the following articles for the attention of hopefully the new governor of Florida and her (or his) staff to study and help implement the project. After all. Global Warming is resulting in severe droughts affecting the United States, North America, and the entire world.

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