The Human Being’s Materialist Conception

by Arthur Ramo

At this time when it is almost an insult to tell someone who is a dogmatic, it seems that new dogmas with little scientific basis appear and many people assume and accept them like irrefutable ones.

One of those current dogmas is which says that human beings are only matter. It asserts the double reduction of the love to the sexuality and the sexuality to the biology. This conclusion has been reached by the confluence of the theories of Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud (1856-1939).

Freud developed psychoanalysis as a general theory of human behavior, which it is reduced to the confrontation between the (direct or indirect manifestation of the sexual instinct) pleasure principle and the principle of reality that suppress this instinct. This would be the origin of all neurosis and the men and women would be healthy if they could freely satisfy their instincts.

Freud had ambition, literary talent and imagination. Without some facts proved scientifically, he coined neologisms, such as the unconscious, the ego, the superego, the Oedipus complex, sublimation and deep psychology. But later Psychiatry, with authors as prestigious as Carl Rogers, have shown that the Freudian sexuality does not release the human being.

Many studies have shown that promiscuity, pornography addiction, and other aberrations are precisely the result of the model of Sigmund Freud.

Nowadays it is known that Freud took advantage of their status as physician to develop a philosophical theory of bases with little basis. After his death took place the shocking discovery of medical stories invented, without real patients. Can scientific basis have a theory of human behavior when there are no facts that would justify it? How can be created a theory with many neologisms about invented medical stories? So in spite of this, his arguments were accepted by many people of his time and his new dogma is “believed” in some circles.

Another testimony about what it was said previously can be found in the memories of Jung, one of the disciples of the father of psychoanalysis. Freud said once: “We must make the sexual theory a dogma, an impregnable fortress”. He wanted to find arguments that he had previously decided to find in the invented medical stories.

But from Plato and the other authors of the classic Greece everybody knows that a correct anthropology is necessarily hierarchical: If the reason does not take the reins and prevails over the instincts, it is dominated by them.


Arthur  Ramo is a retired Education Inspector. He is the coordinator of the Independent Forum for Opinion.  Independent Forum of Opinion is a group of professionals (graduates in Chemistry, Medicine, Education, Agricultural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Professor Business, university professor, etc.).

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