Immigrants And Workers’ Rights Group Launch IMA

by Kobakila News

NEW YORK — Immigrant and workers rights organizations will gather Sunday, October 23, at the Philippine Forum in Jackson Heights, Queens to launch the founding of International Migrants Alliance (IMA) in the U.S.

The launch will conclude with a march from the Bayanihan Community Center on 69th St. and Roosevelt to the Manuel Unanue Park on 83rd St. and Roosevelt Ave. A symbolic Occupy Queens will take place at the park where speakers were invited to address their concerns.

In a press statement, the organizers said the march on Roosevelt Ave. will be dedicated to supporting and standing in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. “(This) has awakened a movement throughout the U.S.,” the statement said, “and  people around the world are welcoming the actions on Wall Street.”

According to IMA, the economic crisis devastating many worker’s lives is behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.  They say that youth have no future but are drowning with a massive student debt and that families are losing their homes as a result of devious mortgage loan policies. The group adds that unemployment is at an all time high and that the “jobless recovery” indicates these jobs are not coming back.

The group also cited a Wall Street Journal report that about 400,000 immigrants had been deported in 2010.  “This is a record number of deportations,” IMA said, adding that “(this) amounts to a crime against humanity”.

Their action “will demand immediate legalization for the undocumented, an end to deportations and racist legislation sweeping the U.S., human trafficking and all attacks against immigrants.”

Some of the organizations that will be participating on Sunday include the Philippine Forum, NAFCON, the May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights, Frente Unido de Inmigrantes Ecuatorianos, Independent Workers Movement, Jornaleros Unidos de Queens, Senegalese Workers Association, and Peoples Organization for Progress.

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