Is the Indiscriminate Killings of Children and Civilians as Collateral Victims a Jewish Concept?

by Bobby Reyes

People in their tens of thousands rally in Melbourne, Australia, in support of Palestine, as the State of Israel continues its bombing attacks on Gaza, resulting in the killing of thousands of civilians and displacement of hundreds of thousands more | Photo by Matt Hrkac on Wikimedia Commons

Part XXIII of the “Geopolitics” Series

The world is turning against Israeli national leaders for their genocidal conduct in their war against Hamas terrorists. The Ten Commandments given by a Jewish God to Israel include the phrase “Thou shall not kill.” Throughout the ages, it meant a prohibition of killing innocent people, especially children, toddlers, and, worse, babies, at all times. Yes, even in times of war.

More proof? Even Rep. Becca Balint of Vermont becomes the first Jewish-American member of the U.S. House of Representatives to call for a ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza.

Earlier, this column complemented U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is also of the Jewish faith, for calling for a ceasefire in the Israeli war on the entire Palestinian people living in the Gaza Strip. In an interview, Mr. Sanders expressed his call for a ceasefire to CNN news anchor Dana Bash. However, CNN stressed more in its report of the interview on Mr. Sanders’ condemnation of the October 7th criminal raid on Jewish settlements near the Gaza Strip.

The political fortune of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has gone south. He is now the new detested effigy of peaceful protesters around the world. People are calling him the “Putin of Israel,” as the Jewish leader is apparently aping the Kremlin boss in ordering the bombing of civilian houses, businesses, hospitals, refugee centers, and even places of worship.

Protesters have changed Mr. Putin’s first name to “Bloodymir.” On the other hand, Mr. Netanyahu’s new nickname is “Bloodybibi”? Will protest posters identify the Israeli leader as “Bibi, the Baby Killer”?

“The American aid must be used ideally for humanitarian purposes only. But not to resupply the IDF with more bombs, ammunition, and other weapons used in genocidal conducts of war.”

It will not be extended for Mr. Netanyahu to be charged also for crimes against humanity. Yes, in the same way, that President Putin has been accused by the International Court of Justice of the United Nations of such detestable conduct of evil committed against innocent Ukrainian civilians, especially children.

The plausible reason why Hamas has trained some of its soldiers to become terrorists for more than a year undetected? Was it because Prime Minister Netanyahu and his political allies concentrated their attention on emasculating the Israeli Supreme Court and Israel’s criminal justice system? Netanyahu et al. took their eyes off the proverbial basketball. Because Mr. Netanyahu is facing criminal corruption charges?

And it is a pity that President Biden has also become a collateral victim of the Israeli massacres of civilian Palestinians. Because Mr. Biden holds the most influential office insofar as American-Israeli diplomacy is concerned. But the POTUS has expressed only full support in public for Israel’s war against the Hamas terrorists. The reelection bid of Mr. Biden has become more imperiled, according to some political pundits. The bloody and inhumane happenings in the Gaza Strip are not helping Mr. Biden’s political fortunes.

Perhaps the intended new American aid for Israel that reportedly will run to more than $ 14 billion (spelled with a “B”) should be restricted to the reconstruction of the infrastructures destroyed both by the Hamas terrorists and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The American aid must be used ideally for humanitarian purposes only. But not to resupply the IDF with more bombs, ammunition, and other weapons used in genocidal conducts of war.

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