It’s official: Rolando Lavarro is on the ballot

by Kobakila News

JERSEY CITY (March 13) –Filipino American City Council aspirant Rolando Lavarro is an official candidate for the May 12 municipal election.  The City Clerk of Jersey City, Robert Byrne, has notified him that his name will be placed on the ballot.  Lavarro is vying for a council seat representing Ward A, which includes Greenville, Country Village, Port Liberte, and Society Hill.

“It’s been great so far. I’m very, very excited. We have some extraordinary volunteers…my family and friends, community members. Henry Racelis and the members of FAPAC [Filipino American Political Action Committee] have been so very supportive.  I love this..walking and talking to Jersey City voters, hearing their concerns and what’s important to them,” said Lavarro.

“We have more in common across different ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds than (we have that) separates us.  I a looking forward to speaking directly to the people of Jersey City over the next two months.”

His campaign staff said he will be holding the opening celebration of his Ward A club on Saturday, March 21, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m, at 1767 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, corner of Cator Avenue.  The club will serve as the base of Lavarro’s canvassing operations and other activities during his campaign

The event also marks the commencement of Lavarro’s walking tour of Ward A, as he goes door-to-door to meet voters in 34 districts.

“Our campaign is a grassroots community effort,” said Lavarro. “We have a growing number of volunteers and supports who have not been politically active before. Our campaign is not made up of the same old crowd running our politics in Jersey City. I’m fired up by their energy and enthusiasm.”

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