JCI New York installs Van Derodar as 88th State President

by Jay Domingo

NEW YORK CITY – After more than 15 years of having a state convention here, members of the Junior Chamber International-New York (JCI-New York) from across the state were delighted to visit the town again to attend the organization’s 2017 Year-End Convention.  The three-day event, which was recently held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Long Island City in Queens, highlighted the Turnover Ceremony of the outgoing president, Krista Shafer-Vasquez of JCI Liverpool, and the inauguration and installation of the incoming president, Stevenson Van Derodar of JCI Philippine-New York.

Van Derodar was sworn-in as the 88th President of the young leaders’ state organization.

Van Derodar is the fifth president from the JCI Philippine-New York in its 55-year history to have been elected to the top position in the state organization. Rollie Balanza broke ground in 1993. He was succeeded in 1994 by Richard Rillera, a back-to-back state leadership feat which the local chapter achieved during that period. In 1996, Jesse Arteche was likewise elected to the helm. After a long pause, in 2014, Brandon Schumacher also took the presidency.

Rillera moved up to serve as National Vice President of JCI-USA in 1995. He was elected in Orlando, Florida and in the following year, Rillera was elected International Vice President of JCI during its World Congress in Glasgow, Scotland.

Van Derodar succeeds Shafer-Vasquez who led the state organization in 2017 with her theme “Live, Learn, Love” achieving a record membership growth which was at par with the national organization’s growth performance. Van Derodar served with her as state vice-president.

As a local president in 2016, whose theme “The Heart of Impact” sparked a heightened awareness in promoting the organization through its projects, Van Derodar received the Don Cavalli Memorial Award as the Most Outstanding Local Chapter in New York State. He was also recognized by JCI-USA with the Charles Kulp Memorial Award, one of only three Most Outstanding Local Presidents in the nation. The national organization also gave the JCI Philippine-New York the Howard Clarence Memorial Award for Most Outstanding Local Chapter out of 500 chapters nationwide.

As president of the state organization, Van Derodar chose the theme “Nothing Is Impossible, Excelsior!” which he shared to chapter delegates in a speech he delivered after he was installed in the office. He sought the support of all members to carry the vision and mission of the organization.

Van Derodar hopes to achieve key objectives of their programs including the promotion of its State Priority Projects which include Entrepreneurship or Owning a Small Business Campaign, New York State Uplifts the Homeless, and Bilingual Literary Volunteerism to select communities. A Push for Extensions and New Chapters, The Search for The Outstanding Young New Yorkers and the Search for Outstanding New Yorkers are among the targeted 2018 projects to re-energize participation from members across the state.

The 2018 New York State Executive Board include Krista Shafer-Vasquez, chairman of the board; Tammy Honeywell, executive vice president; Karina Tineo, vice president; Mark Napierkowski, treasurer; Christina Bakos, corporate secretary; Margeret Quimosing, membership director; Melissa Bernstein-George, finance advisor; Brandon Schumacher, technology advisor.

Jocelyn Ochoa was appointed a presidential coach and Vivian Velasco, presidential chief of staff.

Other appointments to the New York State Advisory Council include Ron Napierkowski and Scott Kingsley, Eastern Institute advisers; Chrystal Dyess, Jocelyn Bernal-Ochoa, Jeff Lank, Kim Lambert and Ria Serrano, presidential advisers.

Dennis Kramer, Ron Napierkowski, Richard Rillera, Scott Kingsley and Mike Dietz were appointed board advisers. Ma. Cristina Ramos, Gary Abasolo, Cathy Preston, Brandon Schumacher and Gina Pellettieri were named to serve as Inter-chapter Advisory Liaisons.

Program Managers who are tasked to monitor programming and projects include Krista Shafer, Tammy Honeywell, Margaret Quimosing, Eric Kim, Laurence Shuurman, Erika Echavarria, Chris Smith, Cristina Keiley, Ashley Lavilla, Krizteen Dulay-Concepcion, Kim Lambert, Karina Tineo, and Jeanette Marco.

JCI is a worldwide community of young active citizens ages 18-40 who share the belief that in order to create positive change, it must take collective action to improve its members and the world around them. They engage in activities ranging from individual and community development to international projects, members demonstrating their social responsibility through participation, leadership, and action.

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