Jersey City Mayor Fulop poised for a third term; 7 incumbents, 2 new candidates win council seats

by Ricky Rillera

(L-R Top) Steven Fulop, Joyce Watterman, Daniel Rivera, Amy DeGise, Denise Ridley, (L-R Bottom) Mira Prinz-Arey, Richard Boggiano, Yousef Saleh, James Solomon, and Frank Gillmore | PDM Composite Photo

[BREAKING NEWS] JERSEY CITY – Unofficial results as of 10 p.m. with all districts reporting show incumbent Steven M Fulop leads the mayoral race in Jersey City with a commanding lead of 24,858 votes (67.68%) against his opponent, Lewis Spears’ 11,597 (13.88%). He is poised for a third-term mayor in Jersey City.

Candidates that run in Fulop’s ticket captured 7 out of 9 open council seats. In the Council-At-Large race, Amy DeGise joins re-electionists Joyce Watterman (17,035 votes or 20.45%) and Daniel Rivera (16,506 votes or 19.81), obtaining 16,036 votes or 19.25%. FilAm Rolando Lavarro, Jr., who only joined the race in August 2021, garnered 7,969 votes or 9.57%.

In the 2017 general elections, Lavarro topped the Councilperson-at-large race with 20,470 votes (24.69%), followed by Joyce Watterman’s 19,303 (23.28%) and Daniel Rivera at 22.91% or 18,989 of total votes.

For Ward councilperson’s race, Ward A incumbent Denise Ridley leads with 3,017 against Kristen Zadroga-Hart’s 1,648. In Ward B, incumbent Mira Prinz-Arey has 2,055 against Joel Brooks’ 1,780. Ward C has incumbent Richard Boggiano (1,863) leading opponents Kevin Bing (1,239) and Tom Zuppa (1,080).

In Ward D, incumbent Yousef J. Saleh, who took over Ward’s stewardship after Michael Yun’s passing, is projected to win with a strong lead of 2,148 votes over challengers Danielle Freire’s 1,459 and JohnV. Salierno’s 276.

Incumbent Ward E councilperson James Solomon garnered 68.66% or 5,454 votes against challenger Jake Hudnut 31.13% or 2,473 votes.

Challenger Frank E. Gillmore defeats incumbent Jermaine Robinson with 2,924 votes or 55.44% over Robinson’s 1,780 (33.75%) and Vernon Richardson’s 560 (10.62%) to win Ward F race.

The race for city council had all nine incumbents for each ward and at-large seats running for re-election, with candidates challenging in each race. Seven incumbent councilpersons ran with Fulop’s team. Both James Solomon of Ward E and Councilperson-at-large Rolando Lavarro, Jr. ran on their own.

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Tony Cass Carbone November 3, 2021 - 8:57 am

Has Predicted. Hope. Mayor Filipino. Can. Become A Great Mayor Likd Fank Hague. God Blesd


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