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by Kumar Balani

(Second of two parts)

Kumar Balani

NEW YORK  – You will have noticed in the first part of our article last Friday, October 26 that two of the top 10 highest-paying and fast-growing professional fields here in the United States are healthcare and computer software.

5 US High-Paying Healthcare Jobs in High Demand

We indicated, according to the US Bureau of Labor of Labor Statistics (BLS) that the number of people in five types of healthcare professions (half of the top 10 highest-paying ones in order of pay scale) – physician assistant, nurse practitioner, health specialties teacher, physical therapist, and occupational therapist – were to grow in number from 865,400 in 2016 to 1,119,800 in 2026, an increase of 254,400 or over 29 percent. Part of the reason for the higher demand is a growing aging population, while insufficient supply is attributed to the increasing need for multidisciplinary and higher-level skills, as well as specialized experience.

5 US High-paying Computer Software Jobs in High Demand

The other five highest-paying jobs are in computer software, with rapid growth as well. From 1,085,660 people working in 2016, they will number 1,414,200 in 2026, an astounding rise of 328,540 or over 30 percent, the BLS projects. If you want to get any of these high-paying, rapid-growth jobs, you should obtain education, training, and experience in the Philippines and in the United States (preferably the latter) as a software developer, information security analyst, operations research analyst, statistician, or top-level mathematician, in order of demand.

Current US Emerging Jobs Expected to Grow into the Future. A number of business owners, experts in occupational trends, futurists, and investors featured in a Wonolo blog foresee relatively newer types of jobs emerging, and lasting for decades. Here are a dozen examples:

  1. Cyber Translator – Kristan J. Wheaton, an associate professor of intelligence studies at a Pennsylvania university, sees the need for people who can bridge the gaps in technical jargon between computer experts and non-tech people such as CEOs seeking to understand the geeks.
  2. Creative Thinker and Problem-Solver – Brian Goldman, the co-founder of a company that serves as a digital resource for small businesses, points out that as automation displaces workers, with driverless cars and trucks, and robots everywhere, people can focus on higher-order mental tasks such as creatively thinking through problems, then finding great solutions to them.
  3. Energy Engineer-Technician – Vic Patel, a professional trader and investor, foresees the energy sector growing at a rapid rate in the next 10 to 15 years, and thereby create large demand for engineers and technicians in the energy field, particularly in clean car technology, reducing pollution in the environment, and installation and maintenance of solar panels and wind turbines.
  4. Digital Marketing Specialist – Eugenia Boldyriknina, a search engine optimization (SEO) implementation specialist, points to the billions of people on social media as the largest-impact platform to highlight a company, differentiate it from competitors, and stand out.
  5. 3D Printer Operator and Service Technician – Sarah Boisvert, who specializes in the commercialization of high-technology products, with over 30 years of experience in laser machining, calls this a high-demand “New Collar” job that is replacing blue collar jobs.
  6. Machine-Learning and Large Data Analyst – Zack West, director of marketing at a company that looks at huge amounts of data generated through technology and coming up with meaningful and actionable insights, sees a growing need for people with skill sets such as his.
  7. Brand Builder – Sophie Miles, a tech company CEO, says firms are increasingly looking for people capable of highlighting brands, with their unique services and products. over competitors.
  8. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist – Zach Hendrix, the co-founder of a company described as ‘Uber for Lawn Care’ points out that such people understand simultaneously the four important aspects critical to sales: human psychology, product design, the need to satisfy users’ desires, and how to attain their company’s goals.
  9. Personal Financial-Freedom Builder – Ben Huber, a personal finance writer focused on saving, investing, and managing money, provides readers valuable information such as money-making ideas, ways to save for a down payment on a property, and building equity in real estate.
  10. Electricians, Inspectors, Plumbers, Other Trades People – Evan Roberts, a real estate investor, says that with an aging inventory of housing, the demand for skilled labor is growing.
  11. Door Knocker – Jeff Miller, a real estate sales agent, asserts that with online marketing having become so ‘noisy’ now, the pendulum will swing to in-person commission-based salespeople.
  12. Robo-Advisor – Alexander Lowry, a college professor and director of a master of science in financial analysis program, foresees the emergence a ‘robotic’ fund manager without the high commission rate, as more people opt to plunk their money into digital currencies.

Kumar (Kem) Balani joins the Philippine Daily Mirror as a columnist. He also writes for the Daily Tribune in the Philippines. He is the founder and current publisher of BIZ INDIA Online News ( that followed the print publication BIZ INDIA Magazine begun in 2002.


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