‘A Journey Home’ to premiere October 3

by Oliver Oliveros

MANILA (Sept. 26) — As the world becomes accepting of society’s decaying morals, as the world becomes more diverse in their beliefs and ideas, as the world allows distance between people, comes a film that focuses on the importance of mending relationships.  “A Journey Home” is a value-based, light family drama with surprises that traverses us to reflect on our relationships.   It captivates the soul and brings it back to where it belongs.  Its Philippine premiere will be held at the SM Mega Mall Cinemas 8, 9 and 10 on October 3, 2009.

After 20 years of absence from his family, Dante decides to come back and face his abandoned children, Raffy and Kristine.  He realizes however, that meriting forgiveness from a hardened heart requires much more effort than what he bargained for.  TV character actor and theatre practitioner Soliman Cruz stars as Dante Santos, the estranged father of Raffy and Kristine.

Up and coming Television actor Joem Bascon stars as Raffy, the man whose bitterness over what his father did shaped his attitude towards his family and business relationships, which is undergoing financial meltdown.  Joem was last seen in “Precious Hearts presents Bud Brothers.”  He is currently in “Dahil May Isang Ikaw” and he will be part of “Habang May Buhay,” nurserye soap, opposite Judy Ann Santos.        

Playing the role of Gayle is Toni Gonzaga, the Philippines’ Ultimate Multimedia Star. Gayle is the caring, warm-hearted wife of Raffy and mother to Jake and Tinka who plays a pivotal role in the choices that Dante and Raffy makes.  At present, Toni stars in “Precious Hearts Romance – And Lalaking Nagmahal sa Akin.” In October, she’s occupied with “Pinoy Big Brother” double up launch and with an upcoming movie with Joseph Estrada, Ai-ai de las Alas, and Sam Milby.

Athena Tibi stars as Kristine, the younger sister of Raffy, equally scarred by her father’s abandonment yet, forgiving in nature.  Athena is a theater actress who is currently one of the cast in the musical play “N.O.A.H.”         

Lance Raymundo plays the chronic philandering husband, Henry, whose life principle leaves much to be desired.

John Manalo stars as Jake, the son of Raffy and Gayle, whose outward fun-loving demeanor masks his angst-filled relationship with his father.

Thrisha Canete, more popularly known as “Cha-cha,” stars as Tinka, the cherubic daughter of Raffy and Gayle, who does not speak much, yet whose infrequent remarks gives a surprising and profound insight even to the adults.

Lara Morena stars as Emmy, the efficient and responsible assistant of Raffy in his lending agency, who has taken a liking to her employer, yet her advances were never reciprocated.

Tia Pusit stars as Tita Nenita, the vibrant friend of Gayle who gives hope to Dante.

“A Journey Home” is directed by Paul Soriano, a promising young director trained under Paul Haggis (Writer for the film ‘Crash”). Paul has directed numerous TV commercials and music videos, and has also directed ABS-CBN Summer Station ID.  “A Journey Home” is his first full-length feature film.

The story was developed by Adolf Alix Jr., Agnes De Guzman, Clarissa Estuar, and Jewel Castro, while the screenplay is written by Clarissa Estuar and Jewel Castro.

Other members of the dignified behind-the-camera crew includes assistant director Han Salazar, production designer Joel Quilang, PDGP, cinematographer Anna Cecilia Monzon, production manager Michael Astudillo, musical director Jessie Lasaten, sound engineer Michael Idioma, and film editor Marya Ignacio.

“A Journey Home” is produced by Jubilee Evangelical Church – Youth for Christ ministry to commemorate its 10th anniversary.  The line producer, Francis Lua, is a producer for ABS-CBN Global and has worked with Star Cinema for three years.  With more than two years in the planning stage, it took Francis Lua and his team a leap of faith to raise the resources and bring the project to completion.  In his own words, “When God says He is in charge, it only means one thing…He is.”  The passionate hearts of the staff, cast and crew, a healthy combination of amateurs and professionals, geared by the film’s objectives, likewise made this film a success.

This independent, full-length digital film has been produced to be privately screened without cost through the partnership of different organizations.  It aims to bring families together, to bring relationships a step further and allow the realization of what matters most in life.

“A Journey Home” has been approved for competition in the upcoming Gideon Flame Christian Film Festival, and has been submitted to Cinemanila Film Festival for review.

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