KC Concepcion in concert: out to prove her worth

by Bobby T. Yalong

KC ConcepcionIf there’s one new-comer who stole the whole “show” in the Philippine entertainment business and effortlessly won the attention of the general public that would be KC Concepcion.  She created waves and raves when she finally decided to enter the limelight via an overflowing of commercial ads and product endorsements.

Born to popular show-business parents (Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion) and politically influential grandparents (former Pasay City mayor Pablo Cuneta and Elaine Gamboa Cuneta), Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion first saw the light of day on April 7, 1985 and is fondly addressed as KC, Kace, Kooks or Sandy (depending upon who’s calling her and the degree of affinity or closeness to her).

Not a few predicted she’d be treading the same path her parents did but those self-proclaimed soothsayers nearly missed when the young KC chose to shy away from the limelight and the call of show business fell on her deaf ears. KC’s preference then was school, family and maintained a secluded personal privacy.

After finishing school and over with her independent stint in Paris, KC excitedly booked for her flight home armed with a degree in International Corporate Communication with a minor in Theater Arts from the American University of Paris in 2007 and switched back to reality only to be bitten by the entertainment bug sooner than expected. The strong motivational influence of her parents’ genes readily gave her the green signal without any premeditation or second thoughts… for everything was served to her in a silver platter.

The 5’5” beauty (plus brains) easily gained the blessing of her Mom, step-Dad (Sen. Kiko Pangilinan) and off course, “long-lost dad” Gabby… with whom she spent some bonding moments in California after an absence of more than a decade.

There was a sudden upsurge of a KC fever when the most awaited talent finally responded to the “call” and gave her nod. Suddenly, Metro Manila’s thoroughfares were at a time profusely festooned with banners and billboards of all sizes immensely mushroomed in practically every vantage point bearing her face endorsing almost all sorts of fashion, beauty and health products. Instantly, KC was a hit and the mere banking on her name was more than enough to spell a soaring graph in any sales chart.

After lording it over and totally invading the advertising scene, KC was given a royal welcome to a world very familiar to her— television. Her innate acting talent took the litmus test via an episode in ABS-CBN’s long-running dramatic anthology, “Maala-ala Mo Kaya” which earned for her rave reviews.

Fresh and triumphant from her TV success, there’s no other venue left to be explored but the wide screen where she did two consecutive projects opposite her rival station’s top male lead actor, Richard Gutierrez. Soon enough, the two warring channels temporarily set aside their rivalry and smoked the proverbial peace pipe for the sake of their respective stars. The nation’s most exciting young pairs inked their maiden movie together for Star Cinema with a movie entitled “For The First Time“ and later, after a few months, did “When I met You“ for GMA Films. With just two movies together, KC and Richard impressively built such huge following and effectively established an unprecedented loveteam (on and off screen as attested by those people in the know).

With only a very short span of time that KC has been officially “lingering” in the business where she was conceived, brought up and grew, she’s taking every single phase of it seriously with a keen sense of dedication… for she’s here to prove her worth not only as a Mega-daughter but simply as being herself, KC Concepcion.

Now, it is safe to conclude that KC has her career distinctly cut for her with a background and influential factors working effectively on her favor. Her entry into the celluloid world was a breath of fresh air and offered Philippine show business an exceptional talent and a refreshing face to bank on and reckon with.

KC Concepcion will be performing with her mom, Sharon Cuneta, on Sunday, May 31, 2009, 3:00 p.m., at the NJPAC Prudential Hall in Newark, New Jersey for the MEGATHIRTY Concert.

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