“Kismet” Star Laments Limited Role In Australian Theater

by Kobakila News

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA — “Kismet” star Leah Lim is disappointed that Australian theater has not yet reached its level of openness in allowing actors of different ethnic backgrounds play a wider range of roles in their production.

Lim, 26, of Wantirna South, a suburb in Melbourne, Australia, said her Filipino/Malaysia-Chinese background limited the roles she played.  Unlike in the U.S., where actors of various backgrounds including African-American and Mexican, have played traditional Caucasian roles, she said Australia has not allowed it yet.

“As long as the story is being told I can’t see why they (actors) have to be just Caucasian”, she said, and added that Australian theater should be “modernised.”

A 2004 graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts’ musical theater course, she has worked overseas and took on various roles including working at a Disney cruise ship for eight months in the Caribbean.  On her return to Australia, she has had roles in Miss Saigon, Lazytown and West Side Story.

Recently, she played one of the three princesses of Ababu in Kismet, which was performed at the State Theatre in Melbourne from August 17 to 21.

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