Lavarro Gets 4K Signed Petitions for Re-election Bid; Touts Achievements in the Past Four Years With Fulop  

by Kobakila News

JERSEY CITY – It’s official.

Council City President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. has been certified as a Council-At-Large candidate in Jersey City’s 2017 municipal election, along with incumbents and At-Large teammates Daniel Rivera and Joyce Watterman.  Lavarro has submitted over 4,000 petitions to Jersey City’s Municipal Clerk. He is running under the banner of Mayor Steven Fulop.

The position of Council At-Large represents the entire city of Jersey City and requires 1,357 signatures from Jersey City voters to be certified as a candidate for the non-partisan municipal election that will take place on November 7.  Lavarro and Team Fulop submitted three times more than the minimum threshold for At-Large candidates.

“I’m proud to have served on the Council for the last four years with my At-Large colleagues and friends Joyce Watterman and Daniel Rivera,” said Lavarro. “Thank you to everyone who signed and everyone who volunteered to get petition signatures. I’m excited to speak with Jersey City’s voters from now until November 7, to make the case and ask for the opportunity to serve Jersey City for four more years.”

Lavarro touts his accomplishments as a tireless fighter for Jersey City’s working families and diverse communities.  Under his leadership of the City Council and working in partnership with Mayor Fulop, Jersey City’s taxes have remained stable with no municipal tax increase over the past four years.  Lavarro pushed for safer streets by increasing funding to increase expand the police force.  From a record low of 779 police officers in the prior administration, Jersey City now boasts of nearly 950 police officers in its ranks, and is considered one of the most diverse police departments in the nation

Jersey City’s development has moved away from the waterfront and towards other parts of the city, with major developments under way in Journal Square, Bergen-Lafayette, and Greenville.  This development boom includes the first affordable housing being built in Jersey City in decades with the construction of the first 80-20 buildings in Jersey City – 80 percent market rate and 20 percent on-site affordable units.

Lavarro has also championed Jersey City’s diverse communities — including Jersey City’s 18,000 Filipinos — in the midst of a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment sweeping across the nation, by adopting policies welcoming and supporting the City’s new Americans, like Sanctuary City.

“We have made significant progress in the past four years to move Jersey City in the right direction,” said Lavarro. “We know that there’s much more work to do when our team first took office four years ago.  Jersey City is on its way to being the best mid-sized city in the nation, and I hope Jersey City will entrust me and the entire Team Fulop by re-electing us on November 7.”

Lavarro is the only Asian American to ever hold the At-Large office, and the only Asian candidate currently running for said office in Jersey City’s municipal election.  Lavarro first ran in 2009, albeit unsuccessfully, for the Ward A council seat which represented the Greenville, Country Village, and Society Hill sections of Jersey City where significant numbers of Filipinos reside.  He made history in 2011, successfully besting fifteen other candidates in a special election for the citywide At-Large position, after a seat was vacated due to a Federal corruption sting that swept through the previous administration.

Lavarro’s campaign team is actively on the campaign trail and seeking volunteers and support. Kevin Lyons, his campaign manager, can be reached at 201-988-2477 or by email at

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