Local Jaycees chapter garners major awards

by Kobakila News

NEW YORK — Oops‚they did it again!

Determined to capture JCI New York State’s outstanding chapter of the year award anew, a local JCI chapter realized its dream during the state organization’s year-end convention in upstate Batavia January 23-25.

The JCI Philippine-New York Junior Chamber (Jaycees), 2008 outstanding chapter, swept all major awards which included the 2009 Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award and the 100 Percent Efficiency Award.

In addition to the two major awards, Elaine Magalona, 2009 local president, was recognized as the Outstanding President and a recipient of the prestigious Don Cavalli Memorial Award, an award given to an outstanding chapter president in honor of the late national vice president of the U.S. Junior Chamber.

Almor Dayaon, community development vice president, was also named Outstanding Vice President of the Year, outshining other local vice presidents nominated from other programming areas in membership, management, individual development, and international affairs.

Brandon Schumacher, a new member who chaired two projects which were likewise accorded with honors as top projects in the state of New York was named Outstanding Jaycee of the Year. Schumacher chaired the Philippine Independence Day Parade and the Project Sayaw.

This chapter is just awesome, their projects are awesome, the team is awesome, they are simply awesome,” said Stephanie Kingsley, 2009 president of JCI New York State, before announcing the recipient of the coveted awards.

Immediately after the announcement, delegates from the JCI Philippine New York rushed to the dais and joined their president in accepting the award.

In accepting the award, Magalona credited the chapter’s success to her team. “I want to thank my team who worked very hard to deliver the many projects we had despite personal and professional obstacles that came my way,” she said, sending some people from the audience to tears.

The JCI New York State year-end convention also saw the inauguration of Kim Lambert of JCI Saratoga Springs as its 80th President as well as officers and members of the state’s board of directors that will lead the organization in 2010.

Chapter President Elaine Magalona receiving the 100 Percent Efficient Award trophy from NYS State President Stephanie Kingsley.

Chapter President Elaine Magalona receiving the 100 Percent Efficient Award trophy from NYS State President Stephanie Kingsley.

Magalona’s back-to-back feat duplicated the accomplishments of Rollie Balanza and Richard Rillera during their time as chapter president in 1988, and 1989 respectively. Both took the chapter to being recognized as top chapter from a field of more than sixty chapters in the state of New York. They were named outstanding chapter presidents and were also recipients of the Don Cavalli Memorial Award.

Aside from Balanza and Rillera, the Philippine-New York Junior Chamber (Jaycees) was likewise recognized with the same honors during the time of former chapter presidents Jessie Arteche, Richard Aguinaldo and Victor de Leon.

The Philippine-NY Junior Chamber (Jaycees), Inc. is a group of young men and women, whose mission is to develop leaders who will create positive change in the local and global community and their own lives through management training and networking opportunities.

Their vision is to be the premier leadership organization for young people and entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 40 that offers quality projects, balanced programming, and opportunities to network with other organizations within the framework of community service and to further the movement of Junior Chamber International.

Although “Philippine” is part of the chapter name, they are not solely a group for Filipinos; rather, they are a diverse international organization.

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