Mancao Is A Vital Witness Says His US-Based Lawyer

by Joseph G. Lariosa

CHICAGO (jGLi) – Accused-turned-state witness Cezar O. Mancao II, “despite the findings of  ‘untrustworthiness and credibility’” should be given an opportunity to provide “vital and significant information to support the filing of double murder against identified suspects” in the killing of Filipino publicist Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and Dacer’s driver, Emmanuel Corbito.

Mancao’s U.S.-based lawyer, Arnedo S. Valera, said, “the findings of his testimony as “incredible and untrustworthy” are separate and distinct issue with regard to his request that any case against him connected with these crimes should be dropped.

Valera said, “The interest of the international community is to see that the administration of President Aquino is committed to the pursuit of truth and justice and not to coddle those who are involved in these heinous crimes.”

Former Philippine National Police Chief and now Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson, one of the suspected masterminds in the double murder, was discharged from the case after questioning the credibility of Mancao’s testimonies, which linked Lacson to the double murder. Mr. Lacson was one of the supporters of then Sen. Noynoy Aquino during the 2010 presidential elections.

In an email to Philippine Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, furnished this reporter, Mr. Valera said he has been “in constant communication with our client Cezar Mancao as he expressed to me his grave concerns on the current development of his case.

“As a firm advocate for Justice and Human Rights, despite the findings of “untrustworthiness and credibility” of Col. Mancao’s testimony (for which the international legal community in the U.S. completely disagree), Cezar wanted to reiterate the following request:

“That his name as an accused in the Dacer-Corbito double murder cases should be dropped.”

“There is no solid evidence linking him to these heinous crimes. What he possessed are vital and significant information to support the filing of double murder cases against identified suspects for these crimes.”

Valera said the DOJ (Department of Justice) can still build a strong case against the “suspects” for the double murder cases and Mr. Mancao (“A person of Interest”) can still testify as a witness to the extent of his knowledge and what he knows about the murders.

“I am sure that the gathered evidence and facts for the last 10 years after the commission of these crimes are enough to put to trial the “suspects” /accused for these crimes.

“We in the United States, especially the international community, are interested on how the administration of President Aquino will resolve these crimes and justice served to the victims.

“We should not lose sight of the main issue:  Mr. Dacer and Corbito were murdered.  DOJ has significant amount of information, evidence and witnesses to support a double murder case.

“Mr. Mancao’s testimony is vital and he should remain one of the Government’s important sources of information. Cezar is cooperating fully and diligently working with the Philippine Government to help resolve these murder cases.”

Valera reiterated Mancao “should not be considered as an accused where there is no solid evidence to hold him as an accused.  Otherwise, it becomes an absurd scenario, where in our pursuit for justice for the Dacer-Corbito double murder cases, the Philippine Government is prosecuting not the real suspects but a vital witness providing important information to help solve these murders.

“I still believe in your integrity and the integrity of the Department of Justice and we continue to pin our hopes that these extra judicial killings will be solved under the present administration.” (

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