Marquez’s Wish May Come True In His Fourth Bout With Pacman

by Joseph G. Lariosa


CHICAGO (jGLi) –(Update) Juan Manuel Marquez may yet still get his wish after all – have judges from outside Nevada when he faces Manny Pacquiao on Dec. 8 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Keith Kizer, Executive Director of the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC), clarified that as “false reporting” that the NAC “will not be importing any judge to score the fourth fight between Marquez and Pacquiao,” saying that in the first bouts between Pacquiao and Marquez, there were three non-Nevada judges.

At the height of the controversy following the result of the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley last June 9, 2012, Attorney Francisco Valcarcel, president of the World Boxing Organization, was quoted in news reports as saying, “Before the Pacquiao-Bradley judges were assigned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Valcarcel said he submitted a list of 20 judges from elsewhere who could be assigned to the bout. None were chosen.”

Valcarcel’s statement was widely interpreted to mean that NAC only employs Nevada judges in major fights held in Nevada.

In an email to this reporter, Kizer said, the “Pac-Marquez 1 (bout) had 2 (two) non-Nevada judges; Pac-Marquez 2 had 1 non-Nevada judge; Pac-Marquez 3 had 0 non-Nevada judges.


“I have no idea how many non-Nevada judges Pac-Marquez 4 will have. I still do not understand why you write untrue stories.”

In an earlier statement to the Boxing Scene, Marquez was quoted as saying, “I will request that the judges for this fight will be composed of one Mexican judge, one Filipino judge and one neutral judge.

“This time, I don’t want the judges to be appointed by the Nevada Athletic Commission, who normally appoint three Americans from their staff.”

All the three prior fights between Pacquiao (54-4-2) and Marquez (54-6-1) were controversial. In 2004, Pacquiao dropped Marquez three times in the first round but Marquez came to salvage a draw. In 2008, Pacquiao won a split decision over Marquez. While last November, Pacquiao won a majority decision but many boxing writers felt it should have gone either way.


Marquez said if the NAC would not listen to him, “I’m (still) going to fight as I did in my three previous fights.”

But in the aftermath of the Pacquiao’s controversial loss to Tim Bradley last June, where Bradley won a shocking split-decision victory over Pacquiao, there were clamor for employment of judges outside Nevada for major boxing events in the state.

WBO President Valcarcel said his WBO had always recommended alternate WBO judges to score in some bigger Nevada fights but the NAC has yet to pick any of their judges.

All the five officials, from all over the world, picked by WBO, reviewed the video of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight and all of them re-scored the fight for Pacquiao.

Marquez, however, said that if his suggestion for outside judges will not be entertained by the NAC, he is hopeful “the Nevada judges may be more careful the fourth time around.” (


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