Mayweather, Boxing Champ, Enters Jail

by Joseph G. Lariosa

CHICAGO (jGLi) – American boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. had nothing to say on Thursday (May 31), eve of his entry into the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, which will be his temporary quarters for the next 87 days as part of the plea bargaining in the felony allegations that he beat up his ex-girlfriend nearly two years ago. The felony charges  were reduced to misdemeanor one count of battery with domestic violence plea and two counts of harassment.

A staff of Mayweather’s lawyer, Atty. Karen C. Winckler, said there was no statement to make on behalf of the pound-for-pound champion.

His 90-day jail time is apart from the 90-day suspended sentence.

Mary Ann Price, Clark County Court Information Officer, told this reporter, “Mayweather is scheduled to appear tomorrow” at the Clark County Detention Center.

On the other hand, Tess Driver, executive assistant of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, clarified that because the felony charges against Mr. Mayweather were reduced to misdemeanor, he will only be reporting to a detention center, not state “prison, where those, who commit felony, are held.

Initially, Mayweather was ordered by Clark County Court Department 4 Judge Melissa Saragosa of Las Vegas to report to the Clark County Detention Center last Jan. 6, 2012. But his detention was deferred to June 1, 2012 after Judge Saragosa was told that Mr. Mayweather had a prior commitment to fight last May 5, 2012, which turned out to be against Miguel Cotto. Mayweather beat Cotto in a unanimous decision for the 154-pound title.
The unbeaten welterweight champion was also ordered to serve 100 days of community service and 12-month long-term counseling.


The 34-year-old boxing champion was also ordered to pay $2,500 fine.

Mayweather was originally charged in the case with two counts of coercion (Counts 1,2), one count of robbery (Count 3); one count of grand larceny (Count 4), one count of battery constituting domestic violence (Count 5) and three counts of harassment (Counts 6,7,8) on Sept. 16, 2010.

He was out in lieu of a $3,000 cash bail.

During the initial arraignment of the case on Nov. 9, 2010, Mayweather was ordered to post $3,000 cash bail per count for Counts 1, 2,4,5,6 and 7 and $10,000 for Count 3, for a total of $31,000 cash bail.

Mayweather was also ordered to stay away from his girlfriend, Josie Harris, and from their “children (which) would be secondary to California Family Court Temporary Restraining Order.”

Last Dec. 20, the Court Mayweather’s entered a guilty plea.


On Dec. 21, Counts 1-4 and 6 were dismissed. Mayweather was ordered “to stay away from trouble.” For Count 5 (one count of battery constituting domestic violence), defendant Mayweather was sentenced to 90 days in jail suspended; $500 Fine; to attend long-term DV (domestic violence) Counseling; 100 hours of community service work; 90 days in jail with 3 days credit time served; Count 7 (Harassment) – $1,000 Fine; and Count 8 (Harassment) – $1,000; all to be taken out of his cash bail.

The remaining $28,500 cash bail was exonerated (or returned to Mayweather).

His detention is apart from another complaint filed against Mayweather for poking on a security guard. Mayweather has three other pending cases of negligence filed by Clay Gerling, Anthony Cliff and Quincey Williams at the Clark County Court and the $5-M defamation civil suit filed by Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao pending before the U.S. District Court of Nevada in Las Vegas. There is no word if he will be able to watch the upcoming bout of Congressman Pacquiao with undefeated light welterweight champion Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 9.

The reduction of the felony charges averted a public trial where his girlfriend, Josie Harris, accused Mayweather of twisting her arm and threatening their two children who witnessed the attack in her home in Las Vegas on Sept. 9, 2010. He also took their cell phones away.

Police reported that Mayweather also threatened to kill Harris.

Prosecutors told Judge Saragosa Mayweather has been in trouble with the law in the past and has eluded punishment. (

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