Minority bloc to challenge charter change resolution

by Kobakila News

MANILA (Apr. 15) — The minority bloc in the House of Representatives is determined to thwart moves for Charter Change dangled about in recent months.  Minority leader and San Juan City Rep. Ronaldo Zamora said he and his colleagues will raise questions at every stage of the debates and hearings on the resolution espoused by Speaker Prospero Nograles Jr.

Zamora said only 21 session days were left and if President Arroyo’s allies pushed Charter Change, they will question it at every opportunity.

“We cannot believe the ruling leadership’s justification for this move is all about economic reforms,” he said. He also said he will seek to expose the real motive behind Charter Change, which is to push term extension of politicians.

According to Zamora, such term extensions are meant not just for President Arroyo whose term ends on June 30 in 2010, but also for all local government offices.

He pointed out that Nograles’ resolution to amend the Charter never referred to any specific economic provision in the 1986 constitution.

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